Re: Your Critiquing Style and Experience


Barbara G.Tarn

Unfortunately we meet once a month and read no more than 10 pages (single spaced, but that’s still not much) are allowed, which means that it takes years to go through any novel (that’s why I didn’t join CC either, it would take way too long to have a full novel critique). I can still give them short stories and novellas, but not novels, so I’m looking for someone willing to read adult fantasy novels (my average length is 85000words, not much for that genre – but please note it may contain mild sex or other adult themes, even if I don’t write erotica. An adult beta found my novel Air too sensual for her, so I thought I’d warn you).
I’d love to return the favor, although I’m not sure of my critiquing skills. I can see (most) typos but, like Hermina, English is not my mother tongue. I’m also more of a “Is this working?” critter – not sure I can push you to the next level. I’m very good at spotting plot inconsistencies and very character-oriented, but having used omniscient narrator (now unfortunately very out of fashion, sigh!) for most of my writing life, I’m not really into deep penetration POV (personal pet peeve is “I” stories, but if they are well written, I’ll gladly read them anyway). And I’m not impressed by purple prose (in fact it bores me).
So if there’s anyone with dry prose and fast paced novels out there, we might try a swap. To have an idea of how I write, please check my Smashwords author page here: