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    Ok ok ok… this might take some explaining but I would really appreciate your opinion on this one. I’m torn over which of 2 book covers I should use. It’s a toughy for me and I need your eyes.

    First, some background;

    In April of this year, I self-published a non-fiction title, a bridal guide for women in the last month before they get married. The idea behind the book is that wedding planning is stressful, time consuming, and doesn’t leave brides with much time to focus on themselves despite wanting to look and feel on top form on their wedding day. The book covers beauty, health & well being for brides in the last month before the wedding.

    The book has been well received and I have truly enjoyed the writing, designing and promotions that came with it.

    Now here’s my dilemma.

    I had my first cover designed and was pleased with it until fairly last minute when I had a change of heart. I then had a second cover designed which I was more content with: I felt like it reflected the style of the book better and was less “bridal” which I saw to be a pro since I didn’t really want to put a cliche cover on it.

    I recently wrote a blogpost (here: http://bit.ly/juwmxr) about my process of changing the cover. The feedback I received from that post is that everyone prefers the original bridal cover. I was amazed!

    Should I revert to the original cover and see if it helps with sales? Or should I stick with my guns and continue using cover number 2?

    Again, you can read the full story here: http://bit.ly/juwmxr

    I’m asking you all which one you prefer because a) You are awesome and b) It’s important to have a female perspective on the most appealing cover. Many of the critics have been guys which is all good, but since they are not my target audience I would super, duper appreciate your thoughts on which cover you like best.

    Please leave your thoughts below… Cover A (bridal) or B (pink)?



    I think the first cover is prettier, but I’m drawn in more by the second cover.

    The first cover, my attention is drawn to the picture of you. I see a bride, but it takes me a second to see what the book is about.

    On the second cover, there’s no missing the title. My only complaint about the second cover is that it was hard for me to see the little bride because I think I’m going blind. Until I opened up the big image, I thought it was a tissue. ROFL.

    Hope that helps!



    Both covers look great! I like the first one because it looks more professional, but the second one pops out at me more XD

    I love the title, by the way 🙂

    As for the answer to your question, I don’t know which I like more #_# They’re both fantabulous.


    Sharra S

    I thought Cover B was more eye catching for the same reasons as xaenyth.



    I like the format of the first cover, but I thought the color on the second one was better. It really pops.



    At the risk of sounding cliche, @Sharra S rook the words right out of my mouth 😛


    Barbara G.Tarn

    This old spinster here prefers cover #2 because she’s not too fond of brides’ pics and the second looks more appealing to her! 😉



    Ladies, thank you for your thoughts! I’m so glad I wasn’t going crazy there thinking that number 2 was better. I don’t think it’s perfect by any means but I was quite happy with it until I published that blogpost.

    And @xaenyth LOL on the tissue comment! Someone else said that too!

    I’ll keep you updated with what I decide to do next. You’ve been a great help 🙂


    Kenra Daniels

    I like the layout of cover 1, and the colors of cover 2. The second cover feels busy to me, instead of conveying the sense of calm that it sounds like your book is trying to help brides reach.


    I would vote for the lovely orange and white if this were a contest 🙂 The white space makes me happy and the balance is perfect. I’m not crazy about the treatment on the bride (in my opinion it would benefit greatly by being a gorgeous, clear photo with no photoshop filter), but otherwise I quite like it and would pick it up in a store. Cover #2 didn’t do much for me, but I wasn’t opposed to it. You’ll do fine with either one, I’m sure 🙂



    Coming from a freelance graphic designer — cover 2 is very amateurish. Awful gradient on the “Wow!” and I don’t know what the text effect is on the rest of the title, but it makes it hard to read with the textured background. Sorry to whoever the designer is! But if the cover looks amateurish, IMHO most prospective readers will the think the writing is as well. At least I do…



    Good points, thanks everyone. I have ordered a proof with the first cover and will see how it looks in my hands. I’m still concerned about how it looks in an online thumbnail, though it doesn’t hurt to do some A/B testing with sales. I’ll let you all know the results of my little experiment!

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