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    It was so my goal this year to enter it. I came in just as it was getting underway last year and of course I had nothing but those crayola strokes I’m so fond of, down on paper.

    I vowed to have something ready for this year’s contest, made it my goal and trucked on! Then I finished that novel and it was so full of plot holes, I decided to take a break from it and write something new and refreshing to get my mind off of that book since it was the third rewrite.

    Well, fast-forward to now. That short story I was supposed to write turned out to be a full-length novel that went in the opposite direction of the plan. Now I’m working on editing and I’m so determined to finish the thing because I’m really good at walking away from projects that are too hard.

    I have to learn to do better or they’re always going to be too hard!

    Anyway, I’m nowhere near even close to having something worth submitting and I’m so bummed about it.

    Miss Snark is gearing up to release the details in early September.


    Submissions will happen earlier in November this year. That’s just not enough time for me to even get close.

    Is anyone actually planning on entering? I’d like to live through you please! 😉



    Outstanding, thanks for this, xaenyth. I just might be able to. If so, happy to bring you along for the ride.




    Do you know of any contest like this for writer/illustrators of picture books? The Y/A market is definitely dominant on many fronts. I am looking for opportunities for picture book agents. Thank you so much for posting this.
    Lori Ann



    @loriann – I’m sorry, I wish I did. I don’t know much about picture books, but hopefully someone will come along and post something.

    @cynthia – I envy you! Let me know if you *do* enter. I’d love to see what you post!



    I´ll take a look at that. Maybe when I can finish my project by then.



    @fabienne – Yay! I hope you make it in.



    They’re testing the system today. You can actually send in a blurb and have it critiqued as part of the test. You won’t win the contest yet, but it’s a free critique if you’re selected.

    You need 250 words of heavy dialogue to submit.

    Good luck if you give it a try!


    Entries close at 3pm EDT today.



    Thanks @xaenyth! I’ll try the dialogue-thing!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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