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Beta reader for contemporary and paranormal romance

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    I’m a multi-published author who is looking more for beta readers to catch the bigger stuff. And any of the little things we miss in our own work. (: My stories are mostly polished, but I’d appreciate a fresh set of eyes for the things we writers skip over. Thank you!



    Hi- I am a part-time writer, not yet published. I have completed several long contemporaries I am currently working to polish the first (completed) book and finish the second, in what is planned to be a series of contemporary paranormal romance. These are hot but not erotic. My strengths are characters, dialog, sensuality, and description. My weakness is in plotting (at least compared to the thrillers I like to read!). I’ve been told I write well, but I also work full time and have had to put the writing aside for several years. My goal is to get back into the writing world, research editors and publishers, and send these two out to a bunch of editors in the next year.

    I’d love to have other eyes looking at my work and telling me honestly whether I’m “on track” or whether I’m writing stuff that will never sell for some reason (not trendy enough, not crazy or gory enough, etc). I think that’s the type of feedback that would be most helpful. I would like to be part of a critique group or even a duo, sharing our work and providing feedback and suggestions.

    What type of paranormal do you write? What sorts of things would you like a critique partner to be looking for? How often would you like to exchange work, and how much? My novels are around 100,000 words.

    Please let me know if you are interested.
    I’m Susan, and I live in Massachusetts



    Hi Susan,

    Not sure I can help you if you’re looking for feedback as to what sells. Even editor and agents don’t know. They buy what they like, so it’s hard to tell.

    I’m strictly looking for beta readers and would like to do that in return. Where we exchange the entire polished book and basically ask for feedback as the first reader to the book. I write 2-3 books a year, and I currently have 5 completed manuscripts in various stages of readiness.

    The paranormal series I’m working on right now is gargoyles. I have a three-part published paranormal series with Soul Mate where the maiden learns she’s the dragon. I have a fantasy I’m not having luck selling, an ongoing contemporary series (some with romantic suspense), and a completed and published romantic suspense series. My books range from 50K (the fantasy) to 100K in length, although I’m working to keep them in the 70-80K range these days.

    Oh, and I write clean or sweet books.

    I live in Pennsylvania and I’m D.R. Grady. (:
    You can find me on my website: http://www.drgradybooks.com/

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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