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    Hello Everyone! I’m hoping to start querying soon but i would LOVE a beta reader to simply read through and give me a large feedback email such as “if dragged at this point…i didn’t understand this part…what was the point of this scene…”

    I’m not looking for nit-picky stuff, but more LARGE scope. Below is my summary, and let me know if you’re interested!

    Just to let you know..it is sitting at 75k right now


    Eighteen-year-old Louis has the power to induce hallucinations, which comes in handy when he’s shoplifting or running from the London police. Except he’s only supposed to use it when he’s fishing — his job of catching kids like himself.

    Louis and his father, Merak, spent years looking for other children with similar powers. They teach the genetically gifted how to hide their abilities. If they were discovered, Merak claims that they’d be experimented on, treated no better than lab rats. After catching Merak burning documents, Louis discovers his father’s true motive, and the truth tears their bond apart. Merak plans to use the children as weapons to coerce world governments to do his bidding. But before he can put his plan into action, Merak needs the final piece — Emma, a girl who can see into the future.

    With Merak scouring the city looking for her, Louis takes up a search of his own. When Emma greets him with a punch to the face, Louis realizes he has his hands full. But he’ll do whatever is necessary to stop his father, even if he has to kill his father himself.



    Hi smatulis,
    Are you still looking for a CP? I love the idea of your novel and would like to help if you’re interested. I’m looking for the same type of feedback for my YA paranormal action/romance. The Abstract is about a college girl’s dark side turned human. In Ivy’s world, abstract forces battle for the choices of mankind. It’s a new take on good vs evil. The rough draft is complete at just under 60k. Email me at lauraamckinney83@gmail if you’re interested. I have one CP but would like to have two for some well rounded critique.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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