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    Hi everyone!

    I’m looking for a couple of beta readers for my 50,000 word novel entitled BALLOONING. I’m calling it a YA piece to be safe, but it would probably appeal to older MG readers as well. It’s a quirky adventure story with elements of magic.

    I’ve already had several great critique partners who have given me feedback on my story. While I definitely needed and appreciated their objective opinions, I realized that I’d really like some subjective opinions as well! For example, I’d like to know if a reader likes my characters, finds them believable, etc. Also, I’d like to know if there are parts of my story that are slow or boring, or too far-fetched. Basically, I’m just looking for a few people who wouldn’t mind reading through my story and telling me their impressions.

    I’ve included a brief summary below. Let me know if you’d be interested in reading or doing a swap. I’d be happy to read your manuscript if you’re looking for another set of eyes. Thanks in advance for your help!


    Fifteen-year-old Chester Phillips is building a hot air balloon, and he has every intention of flying it around the world. Unfortunately, no one really believes that Chester’s creation will get off the ground, because Chester is building it out of garbage.

    Finding “just the right part” in alleyways, dumpsters, and landfills is Chester’s greatest satisfaction. Although he isn’t above sacrificing cleanliness and dignity for the parts he needs, Chester maintains one rule: he only takes things no one else wants.

    Chester accidentally breaks his own rule, however, when he brings home a battered scuba tank. Inside, is a lovely, if somewhat cold and reclusive, genie.

    And EVERYONE wants a genie.



    Hi. I’m completely intrigued by your premise. I’d like to read/critique Ballooning if you’re still looking for CPs. (Also I think ELF is a great pen name, personally. Wish I had something like that!)

    I am looking for CPs for my WIP. I’m 1/4 into a YA dystopian spy novel. May not be your thing. Whether you want to swap projects or just have me look at yours, I’m game!




    Hi Erin, I am intrigued by your novel summary and if you are still looking for readers I’d be happy to help. I am also looking for CPs for my novel (40,000 words) which is for 8 to 12 year olds but would also appeal to younger adults as well. My protagonist is a 12 year old girl who finds a spaceship in her neighbour’s yard and the first book is about keeping the spaceship and her alien friends a secret. In books 2 & 3 which I am about to start writing part of the plot involves Ivy and her friends finding the parts for, and building their own spaceship. Contact me if you’re interested.



    If you’re still looking for a CP, this sounds like something I’d enjoy.



    Hi! Your book sounds delightful. Do you still need someone/need someone again, by any chance?

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