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Beta readers needed for NA PNR, The Hidden

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    Hi, everyone! I’m looking for a few beta readers for my new adult/paranormal romance, The Hidden. I know a few people aren’t familiar with the “new adult” genre, but it’s basically the step in-between YA and adult, where the main character is legally an adult, but new to the workforce, living on their own, serious relationships, etc.

    My book has already been edited and proofread, so I’m looking more for reader feedback. Plot holes, pacing, characterization, general impressions (I liked it/did not like it because…)

    I’m available to beta in return, and I prefer to send the whole book to you (mobi, epub, or PDF) vs. doing a chapter-by-chapter submission, although if you have a WIP and only have a few chapters to send to me, that’s fine. I don’t mind doing individual chapters for YOUR work, just not mine 🙂

    Here’s my book’s synopsis:

    College freshman Emily Hayes knows lots of things. She knows she’s adopted, and she knows her gorgeous but infuriating classmate, Thomas, is awakening a desire inside her unlike anything she’s ever felt. What Emily doesn’t know? She isn’t human, and neither is Thomas.

    For millennia, two immortal races have lived among us, hiding in plain sight. Known as The Hidden, they’re embroiled in a bitter battle for supremacy. Emily soon finds herself thrust into the supernatural world she was purposefully sheltered from, where those close to her aren’t always who they claim to be. Like Thomas, who turns out to be not only a figure from Emily’s past, but a Healer–an immortal with rapid healing powers.

    With Emily’s own transition into immortality fast approaching, she has no idea what she’s in for, or that her unique background will put her in the middle of their centuries-old conflict. Who can she trust when both sides want her dead?

    The first four chapters are posted on my website, http://www.kelleyrmartin.com, if you want to check them out before agreeing to beta. Thanks in advance to anyone that replies!

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