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    It seems like people are looking for a place to chat. So until we get another way to do it, post your chattiness here. 🙂


    Yay! Hi. Good idea. I’m in downtown Manhattan baking up a storm so I have food if the power goes out…

    here’s hoping it will stay on so I can chat it up on the boards!



    Hope all the NYC people are safe!



    Oh, gosh. I heard it just today. I hope everyone´s fine and that it will be over soon.

    Good idea, btw, xaenyth. 😉



    I hope it’s not going to be too bad…

    This is a great idea, Xaenyth! (I love your name by the way)

    I think it’d be cool if there was a regular non-writing forum, so we can have many different threads on different subjects.

    Uhh…anywho, what’s new? 😀



    @miranda Reese – Oh no Miranda! Stay safe. We’re watching the news like crazy. We’re just at the outskirts, not too far from Philly and people are freaking out here like crazy. I can’t imagine being in NY. The grocery stores are totally wiped out here of all the basic stuff. It felt so end of the world and I only went to buy formula!

    @Chiaki – Thanks! 🙂 Your username is cool too. Does it mean something special?

    Also, feel free to make some new threads in the Coffee Shop –

    It’s a great place for everyone to come together. You don’t have to talk about writing related stuff. 🙂

    *hides under the covers and waits for the storm to go away*

    I need beer and pizza.



    @xaenyth Lol 😛 beer and pizza 😀 Oh! I thought that was your real name 😛 Chiaki just means gathered wisdom in Japanese(not saying I’m wise. I’m far from that 0_o). I just liked the sound of it, plus I strongly dislike my actual name, since it’s too common (and I don’t think it matches my personality) Lol I’m so weird 😛



    @Chiaki – I wish it was my name! My actual name is Celeste. Not quite as exciting. *boo*



    @xaenyth Celest is a pretty name ^.^ I like how it[‘s a Latin name (because who doesn’t love Latin? :P) My real name is Kayla. Also not as exciting 😛 How’d you come up with Xaenyth?



    @xaenyth @Chiaki I like both your real names 😀 Didn´t hear any of them in Germany.

    So, how far´s the storm? I´m really in the dark about that. No German news´re talking about it.



    I’m in PA, not too far from Philadelphia and we’re just now starting to get the storm. Our power went out a couple of times already, but our power goes out here all the time during big storms, so I’m not surprised. I don’t think things are going to get too bad here *hopefully*. I have family in South Jersey though and I’m waiting for them to call me.



    I hope the call´s a positive one. 😉

    Does anyone know good adventure books for YA and MG?



    I’m enjoying the Jaguar Stones series from J & P Voelkel. My son loves the Ranger’s Apprentice series (which just ended with the tenth book). He’s also enjoyed the Alex Rider books (don’t have the author’s name on hand).

    And hello, I’m new here. 🙂



    Hi Lisa! Welcome 😀



    Hi @lisahartjes, welcome. 😉
    Thanks, I´ll check them out!

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