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    Hey all! I’m brand new here and really excited to dive into the critique world. I have taken many creative writing classes so I’m no stranger to critique partners. And I don’t just mean round table critiques from a bunch of kids taking the class for easy credit, either. If you met my professors you’d understand how serious critiquing was in these classes. Brutal, I swear.
    I also had a critique partner but I have since graduated college and she is still knee deep in exams and final papers so I don’t want to take up too much of the little free time she has.

    Anyway, now to the important stuff, right? I am looking for a CP for a WIP contemporary YA romance. The book is told in two POV’s, Sam and Kelsey. The setting is a small town race track, a setting I know well because I’ve grown up not only going to races but seeing how things work from the pits (my dad’s best friend is a racecar driver!). Depression and anxiety also play a huge role in my book. Sam was in an accident the season before the book opens that left him with panic attacks and a fear of getting back on the track. Kelsey’s father died six months before the beginning of the book and both she and her mother are dealing with the aftermath of his sudden death.
    Not that many of you are racers or familiar with small track life (or maybe you are, I don’t know) I’d prefer someone without any background knowledge of the sport because my biggest concern is translating the racing world into a world that even someone who didn’t grow up with a race car driving pseudo uncle can understand it.

    I know this was long and rambling. Apologies, darlings. I hope to find someone I click with though!
    – Tia Mele



    Did you find a CP yet? I am new to this site but I was in a critique group before. I have had my one of my own works professionally edited so I am familiar with tough critiquing as well and welcome it. I can do my best to give it. I am not an expert on grammar as my professional editing experience has taught me but I can help out with plot, characters (I am big on characters!) What kind of editing are you looking for? Just general? Or anything specific? I’d be interested in doing an exchange- I also write young adult. I have a manuscript I’m currently editing that is a college age character driven romance. Let me know if you’re still looking!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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