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    I’m looking for CP’s for my fantasy romance novel that is a little over 90 000 words. Here’s a little on what it about:

    From the moment Bradley Carter’s hand brushes against Elizabeth White’s skin and coin-sized blisters appear, she knows that he isn’t just another rich kid with an impossible ego–and he isn’t. He’s a demon.

    Saddened over her brother Zack’s recent cancer diagnosis, sixteen-year-old Elizabeth keeps to herself. So, when Benjamin, the most popular boy in school wants to be her friend, she’s surprised.Bradley, however, knows exactly what Benjamin is after–Elizabeth’s soul. As a witch, Benjamin will lose his power to practice magic if he doesn’t attain a pure soul, as a general rule, the more souls you corrupt the higher up the ranks you move, and Benjamin’s dropped down two levels already.

    However, capturing Elizabeth’s soul is not going to be easy because Elizabeth shares a soul with Bradley, and if Benjamin wants her soul, he will have to get through Bradley first. Benjamin knows he can’t win in a fair fight against Bradley and strikes a deal with Elizabeth: he will heal Zack of cancer in exchange for her soul–she agrees.

    Elizabeth is caught between the power of witches and demons and her love for Bradley breaks the spell that Benjamin cast to acquire her soul–Bradley must battle the hunger for Elizabeth’s life essence raging inside him before Elizabeth’s soul faces eternal damnation. Never had she imagined she’d have to choose which side she belonged to – both offering unimaginative benefits. Siding with the Witch her brother’s life would be saved but hers would be lost. Siding with the Demon she would learn what true love is, but her brother and mother would be left facing grim circumstances.

    I’m an avid reader and I read mostly about anything and all genre’s. If you think we might be a match contact me on qngung@gmail.com so we can exchange chapters and see if we like each others work enough to continue



    Hi! I’m also looking for a critique partner. If you check my profile, I have summaries of two finished novels there. If either of them interest you for a potential swap, please send me a message.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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