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    Hello. I am seeking a critique partner for a middle grade novel, The Book of Ravenna.
    Summary: Ravenna Doe, an 11-year-old foster kid, has been placed with yet another family. She meets Eri, the scribe of an intelligent bird race who dwells, hidden, in the canopy of the redwoods. When Eri entrusts her with a forbidden egg, she vows to protect it and his people from genetically engineered ants, lab owner Mr. Quain, and others who would destroy the land and exploit the secrets of the forest.

    If you are interested, I look forward to hearing about your project.



    Hi, Sandy. Did you find a critique partner for The Book of Ravenna? If not, I am interested but have never been an actual critique partner before. I have, however, taken my upper middle grade novel Ursus to numerous critique groups. It is a story about Ursus, the roller skating bear who gets in trouble and needs Danny, an imaginative 12-year-old to help him. When Danny meets Diana, a high school sophomore, he forgets his own trouble with middle school, his father, and the comic he must produce in order to pass. Together, Ursus, Diana and Danny battle wits with Wild Phil West, who wants to keep Ursus a captive forever. Would you be interested in working together?



    Christy, thank you for responding. No, I haven’t found a partner yet. Your novel sounds like it has some similar attributes to mine. Have you written the whole thing? I am most interested in trading a full novel straight across and providing overall detailed feedback. I am used to getting hardcore feedback but anything would be appreciated. I would focus on whatever you most wanted me to look at. Still interested? Thank you.


    I hope it’s not too late but I find your plot interesting! I need CP for my MG novel as well, it’s about a young girl that walked into a door where she is in a different world–a world infested with monsters. Her only goal: Is to go home.
    If you’re interested, please email me at bookreader2013@yahoo.com



    Need critique for MG fantasy novel. Almost ready to start querying. Anyone interested?
    M. Songbird

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