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CP for WIP YA Novel; Willing to return the favor!

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    Hi there! I have been writing for nearly five years now. I have one unpublished novel under my belt that will never see the light of day, and am currently working on a “Coming of Age” type novel entitled Life Wish (see working synopsis below). I would love to find a critique partner who is willing to check in every two weeks. I am also open to returning the favor for any genre 🙂 I’m looking for someone who is nit-picky and challenges me to be a better writer, but is also ready with suggestions to help me solve any issues within the story. Writing realistic fiction, I’m always paranoid that some parts are “boring” and bog down the story, so I would appreciate someone who is honest but also encouraging, as I tend to drag my feet when I’m not feeling particularly proud of my writing.

    If you’re interested in critiquing my story and having me as a critique partner, I would love to hear from you! Please reply to this post, and I’ll message you my e-mail 🙂

    Looking forward to the start of a beautiful partnership.


    Synopsis of Life Wish:

    There are three things fifteen year old Laura Harris wishes she could change in the world: the age requirement to join the Peace Corps, the insensitive frenzy school administrators have been whipped into after the release of 13 Reasons Why, and her persistent unhappiness on the verge of spurning a premature, mid-life crisis.
    Laura yearns to find meaning in her dismal life, where her parents hack their marriage into smaller and smaller pieces during their battles at the kitchen table, older sister, Is, walks all over her and their other siblings, and AP Lit teacher would list her as the first reference if she ever decided to apply to the CIA’s Hostage Interrogation & Waterboarding division. When her best friend Ames takes it upon himself to jumpstart Laura on her quest for happiness, she never expects where it leads her to.
    A boy who’s obsessed with death,
    an old person’s home full of life,
    and yoga studio that’s a beacon of lost causes.
    Laura Harris about to find happiness in the strangest of places.
    But as Laura slams into one setback after another, discovering dangerous secrets her best friends have hid from her and experiencing betrayal from those she believed in most, her search for happiness swerves dangerously off track. Laura learns finding happiness is only half the battle; holding onto it is much, much harder.



    Hey Kira,

    Your story sounds wonderful and I’d love to take a look. I’ve also written a ms that will not see the light of day. My second ms is a YA contemporary about a teen singer who runs away from her overprotective father to go on tour with a stranger who turns out not to be a stranger after all. I had an agent for the book but we recently parted ways and I’d love to have someone look it over before I send it out again.




    Opps. My email is: suegraceoconnor@gmail.com

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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