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    Hi everyone,

    I’m looking for a CP for my YA alternate history novel. I’ve had a few people already take a look at the manuscript, but I’d like someone who would be willing to work at a slightly faster pace than one chapter/week.

    Here’s the query:

    Descended from German colonizers, Petra Harari triggered a war in the Middle East when she was eight years old. Now sixteen, she intends to finally end it.

    After nearly falling to her death, the princess watched her father falsely blame the oppressed Arab population. When Petra is named heir to the throne, she plans to restore peace and justice; but her tyrannical half-brother usurps power and forces her to flee.

    In pursuit of Petra, her brother’s soldiers murder an innocent Arab family, and she rescues ten-year-old Lego from the brutal attack. Disguised as peasant refugees, they escape into the desert lands of their nation’s enemy.

    King Dergham refuses to help until Lego reveals his fluency in the lost languages of Petra’s ancestors—assumed forgotten after the Spanish Influenza had wiped out most of Europe centuries earlier. Hoping literacy will help his kingdom find treatments for illnesses brought back from the battle trenches, Dergham extends his protection, though Lego must share his knowledge in return.

    Petra studies the ancient tongues under Lego. Her society preserved books, long since unintelligible, about the advanced weapons of WWI. If she could read the texts, she could overthrow her brother and relieve the suffering of innocent people like Lego.

    But King Dergham has libraries of his own. His newly-literate subjects discover blueprints for a tank—invincible to the primitive rifles and swords wielded by Petra’s nation. She must return home and risk her life to uncover a more powerful weapon, or else witness the massacre of everyone she once vowed to protect.

    THE KINGDOM OF PETRA is a 73,000-word work of alternate history YA fiction with series potential.

    Message me if you’re interested. Thanks! 🙂

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