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    I’m looking for a few critique ninjas interested in building a long-term partnership. Along with critique, I’m happy to bounce ideas around, work through plot issues, character development, world building, etc. Basically, anything and everything, with the end goal being publication. 😀

    I’m currently seeking feedback for my WIP, Where There Is Dark, set in a world ravaged by darkness. Here’s the quick blurb:

    Devastated when her father is murdered by rebels, seventeen-year-old Jazzlyn taps into her ruthless side in order to avenge his death, but her fear trumps hatred when the same group takes her boyfriend hostage and demands a trade, Tristan’s life in exchange for a rare Lumenian light-stone located in the one place the rebels cannot travel.

    Surviving on little more than mushrooms and hope, Creperians languish beneath black clouds that divide them from those who thrive within Lumen’s City of Light. Jazzlyn’s knows her immunity to the Star’s deadly rays makes her the only person who can retrieve the stone and keep Tristan from sharing her father’s fate. She doesn’t know her trip above the clouds will begin unraveling the secret behind Creperi’s perpetual darkness and that everyone—Tristan included—has something hide.

    If interested in swapping stories, I’m thinking a chapter a week, maybe? My email is cherylanneham@gmail.com and I’d love to hear from you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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