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    Hi. I’m a new writer. So far I have the first 8 Chapters of my novel and I’m trying to get out a chapter a week. I love reading paranormal romance, dystopia and some fantasy. Here’s a blurb for my book. If anyone is interested in exchanging some chapters please let me know.

    Wishes of Fire (Fire and Earth book 1 of 3) Synopsis/Blurb:

    Everyone knows what happens when you play with fire.

    When Ashlynn Weaver releases a jinn from a witch’s lantern and is granted three wishes her first three thoughts are:
    1. Find long lost mother
    2. Bring Auntie Roanna out of her coma
    3. Make Thabo Shade realize he’s in love with me
    All she’s really ever wanted is to live a simple life surrounded by those she loves.

    Her introduction to the jinn and other creatures of magic that inhabit our world and the dimension called Mezrah is more like a huge relief than a surprise to Ash. A relief because it means that the encounters she’s been having with some of these creatures are not an indication of insanity. They are really a symptom of the secret connections between her life and the magical world. It’s also no surprise to her that making wishes can be like playing with fire. What is surprising is how good it feels the closer she dances to the flame. While her mind says to be cautious, something in her heart is ready to burn.

    Up until her eighteenth birthday, Ashlynn was living the life of a normal teenager in New Florence Beach, Florida, aside from occasional, sometimes frightening, glimpses of supernatural creatures. Then she begins to discover that the people in her life, the ones who matter most to her, are not really what they seem, not Auntie Roanna, not her little sister Noelle, not her best friend and secret crush Thabo, not her substitute mother figure Nausheen, the renter upstairs Mr. Wisnecky, or even herself.

    In this new reality where supernaturals abound, it is possible, though uncommon, for a union to occur between the typical natured and the super natured resulting in a binatured offspring. But one union is never supposed to happen. The direct union of a jinn and a human is impossible.

    Fire and Earth.

    True love can overcome many obstacles. But this is nothing so simple as differences in culture or social status. Combining these two elements generally results in the painful death of the weaker element, namely the human.

    Ash just has to wonder, why oh why, it is that she always falls for the guys who are unattainable.

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