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CP needed for YA Paranormal Romance

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    I’m looking for a critique partner for my YA Paranormal Romance (cross posting to Romance)

    The main characters are late teens. It’s written in first person POV female character. And the paranormal aspect is about a family that works with ghosts.

    The story was a second place finalist in a Romance Writers of America On the Far Side writing contest a few years back and I’m only just now implementing the changes that the judges suggested.

    I would happy to be a CP for someone else and exchange chapters once a week. If you want more info about my story or want to chat to see if we’d be a good fit for each other, let me know! 🙂




    Your genre sounds right up my alley.

    I’m also looking for a CP for my YA MS. This is my pitch: Layla Moon doesn’t know she is the only female Nephilim born. The one prophesized to open the gates of the Abyss and release an army of demons. In a race to find out who she really is, which side will she take? Heaven or Hell’s?

    If the above is something that you find appeals to you, please do let me know 🙂




    Hi Jennyl,

    Were you able to find a critique partner? I’d be very interested. My story is a YA fantasy romance that is set in a world similar to ancient Rome and/or Greece and involves the Roman pantheon. The main character goes to an initiation ceremony for the new Oracle of Delphi, and instead she gets chosen as the Oracle herself.

    It’s a newly finished MS, and I apologize that don’t have a great/catchy pitch for it yet, but the first few chapters are posted on inkitt if you’d like to take a look. It’s called The Oracle and my pen name is Callista Hunter.


    My e-mail is author.callista.hunter@gmail.com if you’d like to talk more. Thanks for considering!



    I’m interested in helping as a CP if any of you ladies above are still looking. 🙂

    Im working on a rewrite of my paranormal YA about a girl who joins forces with a fallen angel to stop the demons from over running the world? Yeah I feel like it sounds hella lame and that’s why I need help haha they travel the world looking for an ancient text to block the path from hell while the demons search for the text to use it to keep the angels away



    Hey! We both seem to have fantasy novels if you want to do a critique exchange with me! I love any book about angels lol! Mine is set in a greek mythology type world where the main protagonist is a warrior queen. My email is papaercranestudios.info@gmail.com in case you are interested? 🙂



    Hi Paige,

    I’ve replied to your message but it seems the email address is not working?

    Could you check the spelling is correct and forward the correct email addy?

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