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    I’m looking for one or two critique partners to tear apart my new novel. It is an adventure Fantasy book. Here is a brief summary if you are interested:

    Azlan has been mourning the death of her children for centuries, the way any mother would: by trying every ritual under the sun to bring them back. But bringing back the dead back from the pit of echoes was no easy task. Thanks to that bitch Alesana and her magic-hating wizard friends, magic had faded throughout the centuries and finding the energy required for divine resuscitation was just not within her grasp. But that woman, that murderer, who killed her children was living a happy life with her new husband the king and a bright and fluffy teenage daughter. Damn bitch doesn’t deserve to have children of her own, Azlan thought as she twirled the bloody quill between her aging fingers. I have found a way to bring back my precious babies and destroy yours in the process. Not that I mind revenge very much, but it sure does help me sleep at night.

    Anyway, there’s the main plot. If anyone is interested, please let me know! Thank you!

    -Dakota (dawnofthegrayrebellion@gmail.com)


    Your plot sounds interesting! My book is about a young girl named Layne Darrow, she lived in one of the Countries: Sogla. She lost an eye due to a tragedy that happened when she was a child and everyone at Sogla called her a freak, shunned her out–making her an outcast. But, she had a dream: To become a Warrior. Will she fight the obstacles to become a Warrior she always hoped to be? She had secrets of her own, but someone wanted to find her and that person she hadn’t thought that she would ever seen them again.
    My main issues for this book would be plot and character because I finished editing it and needed a fresh pair of eyes. If you’re interested, email me at bookreader2013@yahoo.com.
    Also my book is YA fantasy.
    Thanks and have a great day!

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