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    I am interested in building a relationship with a longer term critique partner. I am in the process of getting through the second draft of a piece of historical fiction I am working on. Please see the query below.

    Would you like to swap a chapter or two to see if we mesh?

    A DARK FIBER is a, sometimes true, tale of power, social climbing, love, sex, and survival in Baroque Rome; a story inspired by the tumultuous lives of quintessential Roman sculptor, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and his beloved Costanza. A very real, and little known, woman – long forgotten and lost in history. Set in the ever-shifting political climate of the Thirty Years’ War, A Dark Fiber has series potential and will appeal to fans of Marina Fiorato and Karen Essex.

    Costanza Piccolomini is a pretender. As a child she imagined herself as the mythical beings described in her Mother’s cherished books, and received from her mother a gift, rare for a young woman of her time – an education.

    At age sixteen, Costanza finds herself in Rome pretending once again. She is descended from ancient nobility and bears a venerable name, yet her family is penniless and her options are few. For women in the Holy City there are only three choices – become a wife, become a nun, or become a courtesan. But Costanza is a remarkable woman, she is intelligent, opinioned, and doesn’t give up. She finds a different path and sets out to be an Art Dealer; yet, society still sees women as the property of men and she is opposed at every turn.

    Then as Costanza ascends the ranks of power and influence, her fate is forever changed when she meets the obsessive artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and finds herself falling in love. Jealousy and unknown burdens keep them apart and Costanza finds matters of the heart much harder to navigate than politics. Finding that not only does her life depend on Art, but her love and happiness does as well.

    The city herself watches as affairs transpire, love triangles surface, and alliances are destroyed. All while Bernini’s art defines an era and shapes the very fabric of Rome; and Costanza, against all odds, fights for everything she loves.

    For the last eight years, since the moment I heard Costanza’s story, I have been researching her. A degree in Art History – specializing in Roman Baroque – made the strange almost Shakespearean Latin/Italian of primary sources just a tad bit easier to decipher. During that time I also was working as a Celebrity Travel Planner and Travel Writer. I have attended the Writer’s Digest Conference and taken courses with both NYU and Gotham Writers.



    Hi Jenna, are you still looking for a CP? I would love to read this. I have a historical fantasy WIP of approx 76k, if you’re interested? It’s set in an alternative medieval world, hence fantasy rather than historical fiction, but there’s no magic/dragons etc:

    With their home burning behind them, Virginia An Roskilde and her sister flee from the whim of a mad Emperor into the dark. Hunted from town to village, they run before the fire, desperate to escape the soldiers he sends after them, wondering if they will ever be free. Meanwhile, rebellion is brewing amongst a starving people. As the Empire convulses around her, Gin risks everything to carve a place amid civil war, divided loyalties, and the reach of the man commanded to run them to ground.

    Let me know if you’d like to chat more or do a chapter swap.



    Hello Jenna and Kailam,

    I’m very much intrigued by both of your stories, and also looking for a dedicated, long-term critique partner and/or beta reader. I have a 54k Morocco-inspired YA fantasy, about free-spirited desert girl Namira, who can wield the sands and sword. There’s also a prince in disguise, a lucky fox, a goat-less goat-herder boy, and bandits aplenty.

    Let me know if this is at all of interest to either of you, and I would love to exchange first pages or chapters to see if it would be a good fit!




    Hello you three. I just posted that I am looking for a CP partner too so if any of you are interested let me know. I have 73,000 words written and want to get it to 80,000 so I can attempt to present it to a publisher.



    Hey Melanie and Karen,

    Thanks for your messages – sounds good! I’ll ping you a message with my email and we can see if it would be a fit. Is there anything in particular that you’re looking for from feedback? I’m happy to do monthly swaps, if that suits you both better?

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