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    Hi all. I’m looking for someone who is willing to be patient with a newbie, but is serious enough to help me get things done. I’m definitely willing to read over material and give my thoughts also. I’d like fairly brutal honesty about my work and would give the same in return.

    I have an epic fantasy WIP, but will read a wide variety of subgenres. Let me know if you would be willing to exchange chapter for chapter or some such. I have about 30K and I’d like a rigid enough routine that it will motivate me to write for a deadline. 🙂



    Hello. Could you provide a blurb?

    Blurbs of my WIPs:

    After a car accident that triggers a spell set on her from birth, Estyria finds herself in a world where the gods walk the earth, magic is all too real, and political intrigue strikes close to home. Caught in a competition for the throne, she must learn to navigate the muddy waters of court politics, familial obligations, and an entanglement of the heart, and soon. More than just her heart or her life is at stake — the fate of an entire nation could rest upon her choice.

    Goddess in Waiting:

    Amarantha is an old woman in her twilight years and that’s how she likes it.

    When old friends show up at her door to tell her that there are new players in town and to let her know that her vacation’s over, her first reaction is incredulous disdain.

    The universal equivalent of the United Nations, except that it’s for gods and goddesses and the planets they represent?

    She wants none of it, but she might not get a choice.

    If she doesn’t agree to represent Earth at the next celestial summit, it just might mean the end of days. There’s someone who wants to take out Earth before it and its inhabitants can ascend and take its power for their own.

    Will Amarantha be able to foil his plans and return to her quiet life, or will she be dragged kicking and screaming back into the thick of life?

    If that’s interesting to you, then maybe we could work something out. 🙂

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