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    Hello! I’m looking for someone to read my MS (kind of NICK AND NORAH meets SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS). I’m open to someone looking for a CP or a beta, since I already have one CP and I’m mostly looking to increase the amount of feedback I can get. Whatever works for you works for me 🙂 Here’s my query (as it stands right now):

    For eighteen-year-old Tuesday Ford, it’s just another post-grad Friday night: slinging burgers at the diner, daydreaming about nursing school in the Fall, and chatting to waitress-in-arms-slash-soul-sister Violet over the salt and pepper shakers.

    And then the bell over the door chimes and in walk three tired-eyed, sun-kissed boys—one of the them almost certainly the most beautiful specimen Tuesday has ever laid eyes on (and she’s experienced more than her fair share of hotties).

    Alex Belikova has no idea how their roadtrip took them this far off the beaten track, but since they’re here they might as well make the most of it, right? As he’s asking the platinum blonde waitress what there is to do in this tiny town, he can’t help but check out her rack (stellar), and finds himself pleasantly surprised when she checks him back just as hard. Even better, she tells him to forget pizza and a movie in their motel room. She’ll show them a good time, Holland Falls style.

    Tuesday rallies her girls (ditzy Marlene, little-but-loud Lin, big sister Carly, and of course Violet), and sets off on her quest to give these big-city boys the greatest night of their lives. But things start to veer off-plan: cheatin’ boyfriends, party-bustin’ cops, accidental kidnappings kind of off-plan.

    Can Tuesday turn the night around to give the boys the night she promised, or is it going to be yet another thing to slip entirely out of her control? (And how, exactly, does one get “accidentally kidnapped”, Marlene?)

    Yeah, anyway…haha! If it sounds up your alley let me know.

    Thanks 🙂



    Would be interested in CP for your wildly interesting MS, if you are up for the same. I have MS written in first person – Jenny, who leaves her abusive Australian husband, Ian, in Sydney and travels two months throughout both islands of New Zealand to begin the healing process (which she does through flashbacks) and she unexpectedly finds love.
    Contact at crhoff@comcast.net

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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