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    I’m looking for a Critique Partner to swap either my YA fantasy or my YA scifi with or beta readers who want to read my YA fantasy or YA scifi.

    The Girl in Man’s Armor is my 85K YA fantasy MS, inspired by the story of Mulan and ancient civilizations and their cultures etc. like ancient Greece, Egypt, the Roman Empire and Assyria.

    When set Ablaze is my 70K YA scifi MS with dystopian elements, inspired by the stories and myths of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

    When swapping, I’m a good fit for these genres:
    – Fantasy
    – Scifi
    – Dystopian
    – Young Adult
    – New Adult
    – Historical Fiction
    – Historical Fantasy

    I’m not a great fit for:
    – Contemporary
    – Romance
    – Paranormal
    (Sorry, just warning you)

    How I usually work:
    I prefer swapping a few chapters at a time. I then write down notes in either Word or Google Docs using the function to add them to the side.
    I try to answer any questions and summarize my thoughts in a seperate document as well.

    If you’re interested, feel free to DM me or email me at rachelthijssen@live.nl

    I’d like to let you know that I try to be honest and open and encourage anyone to do the same. If you can’t continue the swap for whatever reason, I will accept this. But I do appreciate it if you tell me you can’t continue and don’t just ignore me.





    Hi there Rachel,

    I was wondering how often you would be looking to swap chapters? I have been working on a single chapter swap basis, but could possibly work with multiple, it depending on your regularity. I am very interested though, in either project to be perfectly honest. I am also looking for a Critique Partner and am glad to see you highlight the need for honesty/openness, it so often being an issue when people only wish to recieve praise.
    My own project is a fantasy/adventure based work. It has small elements of romance, but I do mean small. Just wanted to mention it in case your listing of Romance as an area you’re not keen on, meant you want NOTHING to do with it. Which i can totally understand, and I would stress that any romantic moments are not overtly sappy or anything like that. I also dislike such kinds of writing in all honesty. ANYWAY, if you’re still looking, I can send you a more thorough description and I would certainly like to have a more thorough one of yours. The basic concepts though sound intriguing indeed!

    Let me know either way,
    All the best,

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