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    Hey Everyone!

    First off, I apologize for this long post. Here’s the TL;DR version: I’m looking for a long-term critique partner who loves YA and sci-fi. I’m willing to swap manuscripts of course.

    I’m interested in a long-term writing buddy/critique partner. This will of course be a mutual partnership so I’m more than willing to swap manuscripts with whomever is interested in taking me up on my offer. This particular person must be interested in my genre. My weaknesses are building character arcs, world-building and pacing. So anyone who is good at any of these things can feel free to contact me.

    I’m a pretty fast reader. I also respond really fast to emails so I can at least promise a quick turnaround rate. I love all genres (Adult or YA) so I’m not too picky about what I will and won’t read. I’m not claiming to be an expert of anything, but I do feel like I can be a good partner to bounce ideas off of.

    The bottom line is that I need a long-term writing partnership with someone who isn’t afraid to be harsh, but fair with my work. This particular person would have to be someone who doesn’t mind a couple of brainstorming sessions, though this can be discussed in further detail later own.

    My WIP is a YA magical realism with a little bit of sci-fi.Think: The Matrix meets Memento. It needs all the help it can get and I can without a doubt promise the same in return. So, if anyone is interested, feel free to let me know! Thanks guys!



    Hello! How far along are you with your WIP? I ask because I am working on an idea for YA Fantasy/Magical realism as well but I haven’t gotten far. I am looking for a critique partner so I feel accountable to someone!

    So, the story I am working on fleshing out is has to do with shared lucid dreaming and long-held family mysteries. I, too, am interested in brainstorming sessions and although I am not very experienced as a critique partner, I think I could offer really strong constructive criticism. I read widely and know about big-picture trends in YA literature because I work as a K-8 school librarian.

    My ideal set-up would be to find two critique partners who mesh well so we can keep each other motivated and help each other refine what we’ve written.



    I’m currently 20,000 words into the first draft and wouldn’t mind a brainstorming session. 🙂 You can feel free to PM me so we can exchange email addresses if that’s okay with you.



    Hey guys!
    I’m also looking for more than just a critique partner, I want people with whom I can share ideas, talk about my goals, keep myself motivated, brainstorm, critique and hopefully help each other as much as we can in this journey. I’m currently working on two projects, one’s a YA Contemporary (still in the outlining process) and the other one is a YA thriller/mystery (first draft 25k so far)
    I love all things YA, but also read from a wide variety of genres.
    I’d love to hear more from you both, so feel free to PM so we can get in contact!
    Have a nice week 🙂



    hi, i am almost finish with my first novel, a YA/scifi. 70k words are written of total 80k planned. i am ready to swap a chapter with you and see if we can work together. i am good with plot, characters, and world building—having read thousands of sci-fis ? i mainly need help with language. please PM me if you are interested.

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