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    Read on if you’re interested! Critique partner wanted for a YA Fantasy Novel set in a world inspired by the 1600s and Viking age.
    Including/dealing with things such as: Pirates, Moral, Blood, Death, Romance, Heists, A bunch of bad guys (Really though there is no ‘Hero” in this book) And a few magical creatures and characters.
    Interested? Read on
    The girl would call herself a murderer and pray the devils don’t take her. But in these lands, no one goes without a stain of blood on their hands. Arene is on her way to freedom. After murdering a nobleman she accepts her friend Jordan’s help-a disloyal soldier of the king, and manages to get a place on the Royal ship with a task to keep their kingdom Lamethia safe. The voyage is cut short as they meet a storm and Arene sees nothing left of Jordan. Driven by denial she strikes a deal with a pirate to get her new freedom. But things change, something grows between the pirate and her, but the sea is never a reliable source. Since Jordan and any hope of the quest is gone she finds herself torn between her freedom and the possible destruction of her family in Lamethia. Meanwhile, Jordan is struggling his way overseas to complete his task.

    I hate sharing my writing, but I take this seriously and if I ever want to publish. I need a critique partner first. So I’ve schooled myself into getting one and am now searching for one to start as soon as possible.
    Dm or contact me by Email if you are interested. These are the thing I’m looking for:
    someone that takes writing seriously and more than a hobby.
    •shares the same goal of publishing, not just writing for fun.
    •Someone on the same level of experience as me.
    •writes and reads in the fantasy genre.
    •and someone that’s genuinely is interested in my novel.
    I would be more than happy to critique in return. If you are interested, contact me via Email (Or instagram, twitter, whatever suits you) so we can test critiquing on our 1-3 chapters. After that both of us are allowed to pull out of the deal without hurting the others feelings. hopefully, we’ll be a good fit and be able to contribute something good to each other’s manuscripts!



    Hello Rebecca,
    I like the plot to your story, and I can relate to being nervous about sending your story out to people. If you still need a partner, feel to respond to this post or email me on my profile. My story is about a girl who kills people with a poltergeist she conjures from her mind.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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