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    I’m seeking a CP (long-term, ideally) for my 130,000K-ish MS. (I know, it’s long.) The story is somewhere between urban fantasy and… not, as it has its own world heavily based on our own, but certainly not during this time period. (Think the feeling of “The Scorpio Races”.)

    Think bitter teenage girls, family secrets, black-eyed boys coming ashore during summer, and lots of sexual tension–also blood. My weaknesses include the fact that I literally can never see what’s good or bad about my writing due to ~perfectionism~, issues with pacing, and maybe some development in the relationships of the characters? It’s not a traditional romance, and yet… I am a sucker for romance. I want to make it as nice and pretty for agents as possible, and have already done several rounds of revisions–I definitely want to work quickly but get it as pretty as possible.

    I’m super open to weekly swaps; I’m a fast reader as long as the story grips me. I read a number of genres, though I’m not super into contemporary YA as of late. And as I said before, I’m a sucker for romance so while it doesn’t have to be the main plot, I do like to see some of that going on! 🙂



    I, too, am seeking a long-term CP. But if only for this novel that would be fine. I’m retired so I have time on my hands. But I do read fairly fast, and lots of books just for fun. Mostly Adult Romance. But many other varieties as well.

    My first novel Rising from the Ashes is in Print now. My 2nd novel: My Daughter in Ashes is at the publisher now. Erotic Adult Romance.

    My third novel is being typed now (well, not NOW, since I’m typing this – but you know when I’m not typing this or reading something else.)

    It’s going to be a YA story: Born from the Ashes. All three novels are tied together because of an event in the Prologue to the first novel.

    My novels are aimed at providing a message of redemption and salvation.
    Jesus did not associate with people of the church. He lived and worked with robbers, thieves, prostitutes. etc.

    In order to be redeemed and saved, there must have been some activity that caused the person to become ‘lost’. In my heroines case, she was gang-raped at an away football game where she was a cheerleader.

    It’s nebuluous as to whether she was a solid-church goes before then, but in any event, she feels that because God did not ‘rescue’ her from the assault, she gives up her faith for 17 years until a man comes into her life and offers her the path back.

    etc. here’s a link to a YouTube video that kind of previews the story: https://youtu.be/-glLwKnCtHk

    If interested. georgepark1@att.net



    Hi caroeliese!

    I know you posted this a few months ago, but I was wondering if you were still looking for a CP? I’m looking for a long-term crit partnership for my current MS (105,000) and possibly future projects if we gel.

    My MS would probably be categorized as a paranormal romance, but the paranormal element isn’t standard – think psychological phenomena instead of mythical creatures – and neither is the romance. He fronts an 80s hair cover band and claims his spirit animal is a monkey, she recently quit her high-level classical ballet training and is suppressing an intense imagination. Their chemistry is off the charts, but they have much bigger problems to deal with than trying to resist each other.

    As far as my weaknesses go, I absolutely hear you about the perfectionism thing. While I can spot almost anything in someone else’s writing, when it comes to my own work I just have no clue what’s working and what’s not. Overall, my MS is in good shape, but I need a fresh pair of eyes to help me polish it up for agents.

    I read and work very quickly and meticulously, so it sounds like our pacing would match. I can help with everything from overall structure to sentence rhythm to catching last minute grammar and spelling mistakes. I read all genres, but recently I’ve been trying to keep to YA to feed the furnace. If a book doesn’t have at least a little bit of romance, it’s unlikely to hold my attention!

    It sounds like we may have a lot of similarities as writers. Let me know if you want to swap a chapter and see how it goes!


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