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    I am ;looking for a critique partner that would like to trade pages. I would like someone who is interested in exchanging 20 pages at a time in an ongoing relationship.
    I would be happy to read in any Romance Sub Genre. I am most familiar with Paranormal and Historical. I would akso read anything in the Science Fiction/Fantasy Realm.
    I have been writing for three years and have several rough drafts I am looking to polish.
    I love to read anything by Kristin Callihan, Bec McMasters, Terry Pratchett, Patricia Briggs, Seanan Mcgure and Anne Bishop.
    If you are interested you can email me at eliseeisenberg1@gmail.com.

    Elise Eisenberg



    Hi Elise- I am a part time writer of romance, not yet published. I have written several contemporary romances, and I am currently working to polish a contemporary paranormal romance, and complete a second one, both of which are planned as part of a series with different heroes/heroines but the same paranormal “system”. They are hot but not erotic (at least I think that’s where they fall!). I am getting back into the writing world after several years away, due to work and family obligations. I work full time. My goal is to reconnect with what is being written/published in this genre, research editors and publishers, and send these two out to a bunch of places over the next year.

    I would love to work with a critique partner (or a small group) to get feedback about my writing. In particular, I’d like feedback about whether my writing seems to be “on track” or not, for some reason (not trendy enough, not crazy or gory enough, etc). I’ve been told I write well. My strengths are characters, dialog, sensuality, and description. My weakness is in plotting.

    Starting with 20 pages or a chapter at a time, and building a relationship, sounds about right. What type of paranormal do you write? What types of feedback would you like from a critique partner? You can email me here, my profile is Susan B., or you can use my personal email, susanbrefach@donestes.com. Hope to hear from you.



    My name is Jessie and I love Paranormal Romance. I’d have to with as much as I’m focusing on it for my current WIP. I just joined and saw where you posted. I, much like Susan, am a part-time writer with a full-time job. I’ve just finished my third rendition of my first full-length novel and would love some feedback. 20 pages at a time would be great.

    I’m currently working on the second installment in what will (hopefully) be a series loosely based on the same characters and world. Any help would be much appreciated and returned. the email I use for writing is jessiejoneswilbanks@gmail.com.



    I would also be interested in this. Honestly with any of y’all. I am currently in a critiquing group that doesn’t understand my style or story preferring a PG version. So I should say it’s got explicit sexual content but it’s a story driven paranormal romance. It’s about a woman who doesn’t know she has shifted blood in have family. Until she’s attacked by assiassns forcing her into the supernatural world with a sexy lone wolf showing her the way. I am new to critiquing but j have a good eye and can help with story and wording. Hope to hear from you.
    You can contact me via my email. Leftsidetodownwards@gmail.com

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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