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    Stolen shamelessly from the YA group.

    When you’re ready to find a partner or group, post here and let’s start hooking up.

    What are you looking for in a partner? What kind of crit do you want? What kind of crit are you willing to do in return?

    It would also be helpful if you posted a sentence or two about your WIP.


    Sharra S

    My WIP is about a girl who gets chosen unwillingly by her kind’s head religious organization to become a priestess. Due to her affinity with a god (her kind is polytheist) at her “claiming” she was actually magically caged. The story is about trying to fight the path chosen for her and find that elusive thing called freedom.

    Unfortunately, I keep editing what I’ve written and stopped advancing forward. So part of what I am hoping for in a partner/group is someone who will keep me to task so I continue to advance in my book. (That weird thing called life keeps getting in the way…)

    That being said, I’m cool for critiquing others until I have enough. I don’t have much experience in doing critiques past regular proofreading and have much more experience with technical writing. I’m detail oriented though, love to brainstorm, and read a broad spectrum of books.



    I’m ready to have a critique partner. An agent is looking at my first chapter, my critique group has looked at the first two chapters, and Book Country has looked at the first five chapters. I’ll be revising whenever the agent gets back to me, but I know my critique group won’t have time to look at the entire manuscript in the near future.

    My pitch: When the archangel Gabriel changes his game plan and seeks to use the demon Liam’s angelic lover against him, the two must keep secret their connection while serving the roles of heaven and hell.

    It’s 80,000 words and is ready for someone to look at the entire manuscript for critiques.


    Barbara G.Tarn

    As I’m very prolific and I don’t want to obsess only one poor writer, I’m always open to find a critique partner.
    I write adult fantasy, so if you’re uncomfortable with some adult themes such as sex or M/M relationships we probably don’t match (I don’t write erotica, but still…).
    I look for a Wise Reader, as Orson Scott Card puts it – proofreading is fine (English is not my mother tongue either), but mostly I need to know when I’m too fast, or if I’m confusing.
    I always send out completed manuscripts and prefer to read completed works, but it’s up to you.
    I’m ready to swap whenever you are – just “friend” me and we can start talking about it by email! 🙂
    Happy searching!



    I hope everyone is finding what they’re looking for!


    Barbara G.Tarn

    Not yet! 🙁



    Hello, I am new to this but I am looking for a critique partner. I have never critique so I would be giving you pure feedback and may find a mistake or two here or there. It will be a selfish relationship I will admit…. But I think I’m worth it! I am looking for honesty myself… I mean who isn’t. I have put a synopsis of my current WIP… Hope you like it!

    Dr. Toni Hollander is an ER doctor and is the brightest star in the hospital until Ben shows up. Ben finds Toni looks like an old friend and Toni finds Ben to be irresistable. After an unexpected kiss Toni thinks things will heat up but instead things fizzle when she finds out his secret. In order to help him and keep herself safe she in list the help of her friend Annie. But little do they all know that this was the plan all along! 



    Hello, I am new to this, but not to writing, I have literally hundreds of started MS, but not finished. I am looking for honest feedback, maybe a Crit Group and I am willing to kick butt and get you moving on a MS in exchange for the same – I work well with deadlines but not with the whole let it rest thing. I also write what would be classed as romance novels so would really like someone who can crit both but not essential.

    My story as mentioned – not ready but chapter one/two/three is at the point of viewing, I kinda need to know if it’s any good before continuing.

    Group or single – happy for either.

    I am writing for one publishing line and therefore can give the guidelines for that to help out.




    Hello, I’m new to all this. I have written poetry for a long time, but this is my first crack at a book. I’ve bin told to join a writers group near me but there is only on that’s not a good fit, and I don’t have time for 30min drive to it. I have also bin told to blog but to tell the truth I never thought I would.

    I only have 4 finished chapters, that I have gone over once. I would love a critiquer, but I have never done it before my self.

    My book Helix: war of 3031, its a post apocalypse book, with a love twist.
    Just before a nuclear war starts in 2012 the US builds massive underground cites to save the best and brightest. over the 1000year lock down humanity begins to evolve. 19 years after the doors open to the outside world sora takes over Helix, banishes her uncle for killing her father in front of her as a child, and finds love. now she only has a matter of months to get her people ready for war. Will she make it, can she save humanity, can she save her people (advanced humans)?

    I would love any feed back, I would like to know what I’m doing wrong and right. That way I can fix it now and not make the same mistakes. I want full honesty, but positive feed back as well. I am open to more then one persone, the differint points of vew will be good for me.

    Maria A W



    @sinsoftheflesh Your story sounds really interesting (also a little confusing, but isn’t that always at the beginning? :D) and I’d love to hear more about it.



    I am looking for a critique partner.
    My WIP is about an angel who unexpectaditly takes the crown fron her parents in order to help one of her very close friends. But everything goes wrong and she ends up on earth, with her soon to be abusive ex husband who is hell bent on killing her and her family to take over her city with his human partner in crime. But Camael will do ANYTHING to save her city.
    This book is filled with betrayl, black mail, murder, sword fighting, love, and some good ass kicking.
    Let me know if your interested. In return I can give very good feedback on pace, character, and anything else you might need.



    Ok, here it goes!
    My WIP is a YA/fantasy/romance about a young woman who finds out she’s a faery princess and the key to fulfilling a prophecy to end the war between the faeries. There’s magic involved, romance, and butt-kicking.
    I’m looking for a crit partner that will help make my story flow better. Someone who will be honest and be able to email regularly. There’s nothing worse than sending something to someone and for weeks to know what they think! In return, I will also respond quickly and be honest with my opinions. I have one critique partner, but would love other opinions as well!
    Msg me if interested!



    i am looking for a critique partner. this is my first novel and i need someone to be very honest in providing feedback. I have been told my novel needs to be turn from TELL ME to SHOW ME. but because i am so attached to my work i cant seem to remove those descriptions.

    story summary is below.

    Silver is a fantasy novel set in London during a period of imbalance in the world, where vampires are endeavouring to either drink or turn all of the humans. A noble priesthood that practices white magic is desperately seeking the one person who can save the human race—Silver—along with her saviour, whose power she will need to defeat the vampires.

    The legacy of young women who have emerged as Silver through the ages to save humanity have been defeated by the vampires, led by the prince of darkness, Demogorgon. The noble priests take all the young girls from the surrounding area to a mansion protected by white magic, where they train them to defend themselves against the vampires.

    Adventurous Hera and her friends are eager to learn the art of weaponry and the history of Silver and her saviour. One night, when they sneak off to the city, the girls are surprised to learn that Hera possesses the magical ability to turn a vampire to ashes with a simple twist of her fingers. A little research at the priests’ temple, the Doric, which Hera seamlessly enters, despite the fact that she does not possess the silver stick that the priests must use to enter, proves that she is Silver. Perhaps more shocking is the discovery of her saviour—Zeus, the misfit vampire who controls his thirst, disregards the authority of his superiors, and who longs to be human again. However, in order to return to human form, Zeus must kill Silver. He is then faced with a choice: kill Hera, with whom he now shares a profound bond, in order to be one of her kind or help her kill the vampires and their leader and remain immortal.



    Since I’m having little help otherwise, I need a critique partner myself.

    This is my first novel, and I want it to be as excellent as possible. Someone who’ll be honest (but not extremely callous!) will serve me best, I think.

    I’d love a partner who’s writing science fiction, and I’d rather like to critique science fiction myself.

    A bit about my novel…It’s science fiction with a little YA thrown in (not my target audience).
    We have here the story of a lonely teenager who accidentally brings her laptop to life. She helps him realize sentience and living in a human’s world; he cures her loneliness; they both start growing up and learn about life itself.

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