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    Funny thing last night, I dreamed about my book.`I was my main character, Sora. I can’t remember most of the dream, but that isn’t the important part. What is important is what it made me feel. I woke up inspired to write, excited and eager, feeling like I had accomplished something. What I don’t know.
    I do remember leaning over a table with plans in front of me, and shadowy figures all around me and the table. pointing places out, arguing with those around me we made plans to strike.
    I remember a passionate kiss under the moonlight, his strong arms around me, shielding me from the cold of night. The smell of sand and dry air on the breeze hung all around us. completely alone I stared into his dark green eyes.
    Then we rode out that morning on giant lizards. We made camp behind a large rock formation before dark, our small group there only for reconnaissance. During the night and during my time to keep watch I herd faint footsteps. They tried to hide there approach, but I was ready for them. Quietly and slowly I woke my companions. leaving our sleeping bags there we ducked around the opposite corner waiting for them to get closer. Coming out from our hiding place we attacked. subduing the three men quickly we tied them up to ask them a few questions.
    That is it, all I can remember. It is funny how real it felt when I first woke up. I have had some strange dreams before, but didn’t think I would dream about my book. Not to mention none of this is even in my book. I can’t be the only one to dream about there book. I think some of it would make a good addition to the book, it had to be my subconscious trying to tell about my book.
    So tell me what do you think about dreams, and what they can tell you?

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