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    Jean Lauzier

    Yesterday I read romance novel set in the 1870’s in the New Orleans riverboats. Was kinda nice. The day before, it was a contemporary, set out on a ranch in Texas.

    And, I’m writing a contemporary set in small east Texas town.

    There are so many different time period in romances so I’m just wondering what’s your favorite to read or write?




    Though I could get into anything set in the 50’s – 60’s and maybe the 1700’s.



    I’ll read any time period as long as I can understand what they’re saying. I generally write from the modern era or a slightly modified modern era… so kinda futuristic but not so much that you can’t relate to anything.


    Kenra Daniels

    I don’t care much for Contemporary Romance as a genre. Sub-genre books set in the present make up the bulk of my reading – PNR, Romantic Suspense, etc.

    I love historicals, from Neolithic through the 19th Century, set in any part of the world. I don’t care that much for 20th Century though.



    I’m a 40’s girl at heart, so I love books set during that time period. I also love reading Regencies.


    I’ve been working on a contemporary on and off, though I keep catching myself adding paranormal elements, so I may have to rethink it. I’ve found writing romance to be exceedingly difficult but pretty satisfying when I find sentences that just *work*.

    For reading, I’ll read any romance at all…I have three e-readers (!) and my Kindle is almost all romance, with a ton of romantic suspense and PNR, plus every Loretta Chase book.



    I will read almost anything except for sci-fi/fantasy/futuristic romances. For some reason, I just can’t get into those.

    I’m currently working on a contemporary romance, but I think my favorite time period is either historical (Old West) or Regency.



    I like the old west, late 1800’s, or medieval England, 16-17th century.



    I write contemporary- although one book I’m working on does some back and forth through time from early 1900’s to current times.

    I love to read contemporary as well as historical, regency, WWII, Civil War, 1700’s. I’ll read pretty much anything.


    Cathy Franklin

    I like time travel romances, so just about any time period. I prefer the Civil War (mid 1800’s) era. But I’ll read/write contemporary too.



    I am not a fan of contemporary, but will read most ant historical time period.

    In my writing I tend to like the early 20th century, but would love to write something from the Civil War era.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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