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    Hey all,

    The Goal: I’m trying to put together a monthly group to exchange pages and function as consistent critique partners (rather than project exclusive). My ideal group would be 3-4 people who occupy different corners of SF/F to give notes to each other on less than 20 pages/month per person; this way, each project gets multiple voices, and each member gets plenty of feedback.

    About Me: I’m a high school English/Creative Writing teacher with two complete novels–one on draft three and about ready to go to query, one on draft one–and a smattering of incomplete novels and short stories, all in different sub-genres of SF/F. As you can guess, that makes me pretty experienced in giving/receiving feedback, but it also predisposes me towards preferring feedback from multiple people at once (after all; there’s no single right answer with writing, so it’s good to find out how something plays with a couple different people before deciding how to act on it) and valuing shared goals. As such, I’m most interested in cooperating with people who have similar intentions and progress; nearly or fully complete work to go back through so they can get it published.

    Maybe this is a long shot, as it looks like most people are just seeking a dedicated partner for a dedicated project, but I figure it can’t hurt to try. If you’re interested, share a short introduction to your experience, your writing, and your goals in this thread. I think coordinating over GoogleDocs makes the most sense due to the ease of the comment feature.



    This seems like something that I would be interested in, and Google Docs makes the most sense. A little bit about me, I’m a college student, who’s an English major with a passion for writing shorties primarily in the release of science fiction and fantasy, with the hopes of getting them published.



    I’d be interested in joining the group. I have a YA Contemporary Fantasy on its final draft, near ready for querying. I have a PhD in psychology and have completed several creative writing workshops and seminars.



    I’m so sorry for the delay! I thought I had checked for this to email me updates, but apparently I didn’t. If you ladies are still interested, send me an email at live.infamy@gmail.com. I’ll get us a group email set up to talk about a sharing schedule and the format we’d want notes to take!



    Hey just to let people know, I’m still looking for more people for this group! Currently at 2 members, hoping to get more so we can share around.



    I’d definitely be interested in the group. I write primarily folklore- and mythology-inspired fantasy. I’ve never critiqued fiction before, but I have written a lot of screenplay critiques. Currently I’m nearing the end of a YA fantasy that I’ll be publishing myself; then I’m moving on to a long retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh revolving around the power dynamics of gender in organized religion.



    I know I’m months behind you all, but if you’ve got room for one more, I’d be happy to partake.
    I’m a late-to-college student, currently in the Nursing program.
    I’m an experienced writer, both self and traditionally published. I write Women’s fiction and Science fiction. I just finished a SciFi adventure trilogy that could use fresh eyes.
    Hit me up on my profile, my blog (authorarrivera.com), or email at dontusethethreestones @gmail. Ifvyoiure interested. ☺


    Would be very interested!



    Hi, I hope I am not too late, but I would like to join. I just joined the site today.
    I am a very new writer, no formal writing, or experience. I just had an idea one day and went with it. I have 55,000 word si-fi adventure, romance wip, so I am not sure you would consider me a good canidate. It is super rough, but I feel it is promising.
    Anyway thanks in advance either way.



    Hello there

    Is this group still recruiting?

    Means: two ebooks on Amazon (actually 165,000 words bitten in half). Ex-teacher/private tutor, currently technical writer in engineering.
    Motive: Sanity preservation. Need a different perspective. The sequel is NOT playing nicely.
    Opportunity: Vampire (police procedural/thriller with a tease of erotica) And no. That is not a category on Amazon… or anywhere else.



    Good evening. I hope you’re still looking for members. I just joined today, and your mixed group sounds interesting. I am writing a series of what started out as short stories (science fiction combined with mystery) which will lead eventually (I hope) to my novel. The stories are longer than the usual shorts, as I was informed by a critique professional that I was trying to put too much into too few words. So now maybe I’ve gone in the other direction? I was lucky enough to get one published last year, but on rereading it, I realized it needs work, so I’ve been revising it, and the others as well. In the dim past, I was an English major, but am presently retired Air Force, and recently retired civilian paralegal. I have taken several on-line writing courses. Thank you.

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