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group blog – discussion redirected from ”I need a new blog” thread

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    Barbara G.Tarn

    This is to discuss:
    1) which platform (WordPress or Blogger) we should use
    2) how to call it (I believe “ladies who critique” is already taken! ;-))
    3) who’s going to write in there
    4) which day of the week
    5) do we leave one day open for guests?
    So far we have:
    me – I can do Mondays
    @annsquared (Fridays)
    @Chiaki (wants the weekend, either Sat or Sun)
    @xaenyth (any day is fine with her)
    @fabienne (hasn’t stated a day yet)
    @gwen (same)
    Feel free to comment/correct/add/whatever. Note that we have 6 authors already (if I counted right, if I left somebody out, please add yourself!) so we can either leave one free day for guests or make it 14 authors, which means we have to post every 2 weeks – a little harder to organize, but not impossible!
    Go, discussion! 🙂



    Thanks for branching this off into its own topic. I’m on my phone so I swear any typos are gadget related…ahem.

    1. Blogger only because it’s more familiar to me but I’d be just as happy to learn WordPress.

    2. I suck at titles. I’ll wait to see some suggestions before I make my own. Sticky brain today.

    I’ll post whatever day, etc. Guest bloggers sounds like a fun idea too. Although, I’d be tempted to keep regular contributers to six or seven. A bigger group is harder to manage and, personally, I’d be more likely to forget to post if I only posted every other week. On th flipside, how interesting am I really? Lol.



    Great, much more overview.

    1) I don´t know WordPress but Blogger´s familiar.
    2) Mhm … That´s quite hard … I can´t come with anything yet
    3)I think the members who said they want to join this/ I think maybe 6 people are the limit, only more if one or two want to share their Day with another person
    4)I´d like to have maybe Sunday or Wednesday
    5)I don´t think so. But we could make a special day every month with guest posts



    Sounds awesome XD

    I’m more familiar with Blogger but I’d be willing to learn about WordPress. By the way, how are we going to work out what the design will be like and who’s going to do edit the template…? I know we can obviously take turns, but for the first time around, how’s this gonna work out?

    For title ideas, what kind of theme do we want? Like, a fun title… (ie, Fuzzy Mango (I forget who’s blog that is), Electric Monkey…), or a more serious one?

    *is excited and craving for chocolate milk at the same time*



    LOL Fuzzy Mango? That sounds awful! 😀

    ´Cause I think we all have different genres (is that right?) the name should be something neutral.

    Maybe we could vote about – I don´t know – 3 different designs and the one with the most votes wins. That´s what I´d prefer to do.


    Barbara G.Tarn

    Aw, poor Ari! 🙂 Her Fuzzy Mango blog is just fine (because it’s a WordPress blog, LOL)! 😉 I have Creative Barbwire, how’s that for “strange” name…
    If we’re all female, can be something related to our sex more than our genre? Except we need a quick internet search so we won’t steal somebody else’s name (like She Writes is taken, I think)…



    And not too long either, so people can remember the URL 🙂



    Hey Chiaki,
    Check your PM’s! 🙂


    Jean Lauzier

    Somehow I missed this post and emailed several of you this morning —

    For those of you who missed it though…

    I snatched the “Ladies Who Blog” name over at blogger… it’s kinda a corny name and not writer related so…I was thinking Ladies Who Critique, Ladies Who Blog… Maybe it needs to be Lady Writers Who Blog 🙂 But anyway…we need an attention getting name.

    Fuzzy Mango reminds me of my kids when they first got guitar hero. They (I have 3) formed a band called Screaming Emus.

    And any day works for me. I can always schedule posts to go live on a certain day/time.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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