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    I listen to Pitbull and Flo Rida whenever I get writer’s block.

    Vampires, werewolves, and zombies don’t do much for me.

    I’m not into comic books, but I can’t wait to watch the (Marvel) Avengers movie next year because the guys are hot.

    What’s your guilty secret? Spill!



    My eyes glaze over when I see the words “YA paranormal romance.”

    I’m not that into of first person narrative.

    I’m not a fan of fantasy.

    I think books nowadays are far too short and breakneck-paced. I want a return to slower-paced books that unfold over hundreds of pages. My non-YA books are all well up in the 300K range, and my most recently finished book, the sequel to my Russian novel, clocked in at 406K. I think a lot of agents and even other writers nowadays have forgotten that some books are saga-length for a reason, not because they were “overwritten” or are really several books crammed into one.

    I think there’s too much emphasis on showing instead of telling. Sometimes directly telling the reader something is more effective or to the point. It felt so fake when I tried to emphasize showing as an experiment, since that’s not my natural writing style.



    My husband bought me the complete series of “Charmed” one Christmas. So, I guiltlessly watch the power of three ward off demons. It relaxes me!


    Sharra S

    Really like “How To Train Your Dragon” and “Gladiator” soundtracks.


    Cathy Franklin

    Like just about any writer, I love chocolate and coffee, together or separate, LOL. I’m old, but love to listen to the Black-Eyed Peas when I write.

    I love romance, but I would rather imagine the sex scenes instead of having them shoved in my face. I don’t like supernatural stuff, and don’t read or write anything with vampires, werewolves, demons, witches or ghosts.

    My guilty pleasure is watching ‘The Good Wife’ ‘Parenthood’ and ‘Castle.’ Love those shows.



    Don’t think “guiltlessly” sounds right or is even a word. Let’s say “I indulge” in watching…I just couldn’t live with myself for writing that!
    I like watching Blue Bloods on Friday nights and Once Upon A Time on Sundays.



    I think that too much contemporary fiction, film and television writing lacks substance. Which may be why I really love old films because there was always a story and the characters were always very 3-dimensional. Today, it seems that the ‘concept’ trumps everything. The explosions, the weird monsters, supernatural abilities, etc. etc. I’ve always believed that if you start with a really compelling and interesting character the story follows naturally.



    I totally agree about how many modern films, shows, and books lack substance! My so-called fiancé hijacked my Netflix queue and keeps bumping up the modern stuff, keeping me away from classic films I’d had on that queue before I even met him. I’m so tired of films that consist largely of explosions, sex, curse words, and violence over just delivering a good story and well-developed characters.



    Hurray! People who like real books! The story comes first, and if that’s good who needs all that grunting and groaning, special effects and two page chap-ters. It’s especially nice to see young writers who are leaning more toward classic books and films. Some stuff is so weird, and not in a good way. Got five books at the library a week ago, only two were worth reading. (sigh). Done ranting for now.



    ^^What everybody said, above. Whatever happened to telling a great story, anyway? That explains why I read a lot of Agatha Christie – quaint by modern standards, but she really knows her way when it comes to plot and characterization.

    That’s also why I can’t stand writers who seriously believe that they’ve written The Great Big Important Novel. In fact, I *really* can’t stand writers who think that Every Novel Must Be Great and Important, and look down on you when they realize you’ve written something “mainstream.” Hello, I’m only trying to write a good story here, and even the writers who have produced the Most Important Novels Of All Time say that you still need to start with a good story. Shut up, posers.

    On a lighter note: Nathan Fillion was one of the first people I followed on Twitter, even though I’ve only seen two episodes of ‘Firefly.’ And I watch ‘Castle’ whenever I can for him, even though my mom hates his character on the show.


    Tiffany Metzger

    I shamelessly read Pirates of the Caribbean fan fiction, even if most of it is cheesy or romantic fluff. (Go Sparrabeth! Despise me if you dare.)

    I am addicted to Smallville and the New Adventures of Superman: Lois and Clark. I own all the seasons and watch them repeatedly.

    I primarily listen to film soundtracks (Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, Superman Returns).

    I LOVE the Jonas Brothers.

    I love classic literature and old films (Jane Austen is my hero), but I don’t object to mainstream movies and books with lots of explosions. (Transformers).



    I don’t like most classic literature because it’s too depressing. Jane Austin is one of the few exceptions.

    I really kind of hate vampires, werewolves, and most other urban fantasy denizens.

    I watch/listen to teen/tween shows and music because they’re cleaner than everything else, mostly.

    I am addicted to procedural, but only the ones that have a good romance subplot.



    Reading about the hype over Fifty Shades of Grey reminded me of my own guilty secret:

    I hate writing sex scenes.

    Putting aside any issues I may have about, er, turning myself on (TMI), I’ve always found that most of the sexy stuff that happens in my writing occurs when my characters are fully clothed. Even the most deceptively simple moments, such as eating a cinnamon roll or fixing a car door, can be written in such a way that inspires erotic tension – and that, to me, is just as hot (if not more so) as watching two consenting adults getting naked with hands and mouths all over their corresponding body parts.

    Speaking of sexual tension: I’m not a fanfic fangirl, but I am truly convinced that Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are in a loving domestic partnership. I don’t even care if it’s RDJ or Benedict Cumberbatch playing Sherlock, as long as I can enjoy the overt (b)romance that “the consulting detective” has with John.

    Also, I know that he’s funny-lookin’, but Benedict Cumberbatch is hawt.



    Enid Blyton! Even at 30+ just the sight of a Five Find-outers or Mr. Pink Whistles or the Magic Far-Away Tree and I start drooling.



    I love boy bands from the 90s especially Take That and Backstreet Boys.

    Addicted to The Mummy series of movies – seen them about 4 times each.

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