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    I’m looking for a critique partner/beta reader/person to tell me when I’m sucking.
    My current book is roughly 122k words, and the more I read it, the more terrible I think it is. I had originally wanted to begin querying February 9th, but now I’m worried it’s not ready.
    Isabo McCleod is a twenty-five year old witch with a penchant for speaking before she thinks, putting her nose in where it doesn’t belong, and a deep love for John Hughes films. She is also next in line to rule the supernatural races, which sounds fun, but really just involves a lot of paperwork. The current tensions between humans and supernaturals are dicey at best, and it probably has a lot to do with the fact that humans keep turning up dead, and not just run-of-the-mill dead, either. Each murder is gruesome and points a finger at a different supernatural race. After Isabo finds a dead body of her very own, she decides to take matters into her woefully inexperienced hands, bringing her bodyguard Emmett along for the ride. Finn Montgomery, lead detective, is none too enthused, and tries to thwart her at every turn.


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