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    Hello, all! My name is Libby, penname Livvy Moore. I’m currently working on a novel for NaNoWriMo, and am looking for people to share the journey with! I have one fellow writer helping me out already, but the more the merrier, right?

    I can read and comment at least once a week, though with the holidays coming up I might get busy for a bit. My preferred method of communication is through an instant messaging service (my preference is Discord, but I’m also on Skype!) while leaving comments and such in a google doc. However, if you have a different preference, I’m willing to work with you!

    I’ve got some mild experience with critiquing, but I wouldn’t call myself an expert. If I’m not giving you the feedback you’re looking for, then please let me know! For myself, I’m just looking for obvious problem areas.

    My hope is not just to be critique partners, but also to be friends, who support and share our writing 🙂

    Magic runs wild on the world of Eldora, but it’s the one woman in the world that can’t use it at all whom the Fates have given the key to stop a madman from destroying it.

    Fate sits upon high, weaving her loom as she’s done since the dawn of time. Every so often, however, mortals can surprise even her.
    Years ago, a spell was cast to protect the world from devastation. A spell like no other, with no way to remove it. The scales were tipped, and the universe had to compensate.

    Alinora Mynerva was born. The one person in all of Eldora who cannot use magic—and thus, the person that the Betrayer, Kai’os, needs in order to break the spell; destroy the World Tree; and end the world, crowning himself as a god.

    She fights against him, allied with the resistance as spymaster, but Kai’os is far more powerful than they could ever hope to match.

    Guess it’s a good thing Alinora’s got some tricks up her sleeves.

    [contains LGBTQ+ themes]

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