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    Hi, just found this website and hoping to find a writing buddy to talk writing, books, rants, bad puns etc.

    I’m currently bashing my forehead against my first novel. It’s complete at 85,000 words but stalled on progress. I know there are plot holes but I’m having a heck of a time getting started again. It’s about an artists muse (invisible, imaginary) who follows her artist around, trying to get him to paint. Unfortunately, he has a lot of other Dreams who also want him to do things (like, get a promotion at work, raise a family, etc.) and the muse is getting frustrated and in danger of fading away completely.

    About me: I am Canadian and therefore love winter, snow, skiing, large furry dogs and hot tubs. I’m 32 and currently living far from home for my bf’s job. I’m interested in reading and writing magical realism where it’s recognizably our current planet Earth, but with a twist (a la House of Spirits, Time Travelers Wife, Harry Potter, and Neil Gaiman).

    I’m looking for a crit partner to trade either chapters, short stories, agent query drafts or other forms of writing biweekly or at least 1X month.

    It would be great if you had similar book taste to mine (see below), and were also working on a novel or short story collection. Always nice to be on the same page (I warned you about the puns). It’s just easier if we have both written a similar volume and thus have things to trade back and forth. If you’re just starting to write, and I’m hitting you over the head with novel chapter every 2 weeks, it’s going to be uneven and a little unfair. (On the other hand, if you’ve published a bestseller or have an MFA then I’m going to feel a little intimidated. But what would an MFA bestseller need a crit partner for anyways? 😉

    I have been in critique groups IRL (even one I started, when I was new to a city and couldn’t meet anyone my age), so I like to think I’m experienced at giving both encouragement and constructive criticism without ever breaking anyone’s spirit. I’d like to receive the same (here to learn! but also not here to weep)

    Book taste: in addition to the examples above, I also love reading non-fiction (Malcom Gladwell, Gretchen Rubin, Patti Smith), books about art (7 days in the art world, letters to Theo, the Gift), and novels (Ann Patchett, Junot Diaz, C.N Adichie are some of my fave’s, though they weren’t quick reads for me). For quick reads I can chomp down on Marian Keyes or the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books in a single gulp.

    Well, that was long-winded enough – PM me if you think we’d be a fit!

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