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    Introduce Yourself!


    Hermina Vass

    Hello! I’m Hermina. I’ve always been good with words, but only half a year ago did I pile up the courage to create an empty document and fill the blank page. I’m an excessively slow writer. That’s why I don’t have anything finished, just yet.

    My WIP-list includes a few short stories, an urban fantasy novelette and a novel (same genre).

    I just shamelessly copy-pasted my introduction from another group’s forum. 😀



    I’m a slow writer, too. That’s also because I work on a hundred different things at once. I’m Dawn. I don’t generally write a lot of short stories, but when I saw flash, I just HAD to join. (That’s kind of a funny inside joke between me, my husband, and author Matthew Rotundo). I will have to let you all see my squirrels! 🙂



    Hey ladies 🙂 I just signed up here today and thought I’d introduce myself. I love short stories, but only felt like I cracked them about a year and a half ago now. I have had a few published and am working on getting more out into the world.
    I try to write one a month, though it depends on what else I am working on – just started a new novel as well, so it will be interesting to see if I can juggle all the different story lines!
    It’s nice to meet you 🙂


    Hermina Vass

    @justcassie It’s nice to meet you too! 🙂


    Jean Lauzier

    Welcome cassie…

    It takes a while to figure out the “short” stuff. Or at least it did for me. Now, I have trouble doing the “long” stuff. Sigh…



    Yeah, the long and short forms are totally different! I’m really excited to see what a couple years of short stories has done to my novel writing 🙂
    Thanks for the welcome, ladies.



    I’m a fairly experienced short story writer with some good sales (Shimmer, Space and Time, Shock Totem, A cappella Zoo) just trying to keep improving and crack some of the bigger markets.

    I love the short story form for the experimentation and the range of ideas that you can tackle.



    Hello all. I have no idea how to submit something for critique. I have a few stories (no longer than around 5000 wds) I’d love to get feedback on. I also have half of a novel. And role on November – there may be another ;D

    Please get in touch if you’d like to pair up.

    Shah. X


    Dana Lindamood

    Hi, I’m Dana! I’m a Masters student at University College Dublin studying Gender, Sexuality and Culture. I got into writing short stories when I took 2 writing fiction classes in my undergrad…only problem is, now I struggle to write without a deadline. I love short fiction because I don’t have the attention span for a novel, but short fiction allows me to create characters and emotions and story without the massive responsibility of a novel. Though, the more I write, the longer my short stories are getting, so we’ll see.

    I am really open minded about what I read, and my short stories range in topic, so if you are looking for a critique partner (and lord knows I am looking for a fun distraction for my coursework) I am definitely willing!


    Jean Lauzier

    Hi Dana…

    Welcome to LWC. I love doing short stuff too…but it’s more the challenge of telling a story in limited word count. 🙂 And the more immediate satisfaction of a story complete verses the length of time it takes to do a novel. 🙂



    I just joined and am very excited to meet other short story writers! I love reading, critiquing, and most of all, writing short stories. My short stories generally fall into the area of adult fiction about relationships from an angle of childhood, parenting, or living in a foreign country. I’ve published a couple in writing contests and have written a handful of short stories this year that I also submitted to contests. I feel like as a writer I am a work-in-progress, and am learning how to write better short stories so having a critique partner would help! I am a SAHM of two girls, soon to be three by late-November. So during the winter months I may not be able to write or critique more than once a month. But I hope to continue with it!




    Glad to be here. I have a few short stories and one short that will be published in a magazine this month. I’m looking to learn and share. Thanks for having me!



    I live United Kindgom I have three daughters. I have writing for 4 yrs now. I normal writing about darker side of life; with odd light peice somwhere.

    I wrote poems,flash fiction and number of short stories. I have join other forums but you can never have to many opinion on your writing. As phrase alway room for improving.



    I’m Katelyn Shear and I live in NC, USA. I have five cats, 2 boys and 3 girls. I enjoy reading, playing the piano, writing, and just being by myself. I have 6 siblings. I’ve only been writing about 5-6 months now. I write poems and fiction. I like to write poems for other people. I have them give me a few keywords or a story about whatever they want me to write about. I have three cat pages on Facebook, all for my cats. I’m a serious animal lover, but not an activist. My family was kind of suprised when I started writing, because I have always been a reader, never a writer. I always gave up before getting to the 2nd chapter. But, because of that, I have tried my best to get through a few stories. One of them I did give up on because it wasn’t a genre I liked. More ages 10-11. I like 12-21. I’ve tried other critique groups but none of them had actual people critiquing. I didn’t like that. Thank you and God bless.

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