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    Introduce Yourself!


    Cathy Franklin

    I am Cathy a.k.a. scriber57. I have been writing for more years than I can count (not really, but it makes it sound good). I am interested in several genres – action/adventure, romance/chick lit, short stories, memoirs. I have been in a critique group before and have a little experience in critiques. I’m currently writing an adventure story and would like to find a CP to tell me what’s good and what’s bad about it. I’m looking forward to hearing from the ladies on this site.



    Hi Cathy, I’m Gwen.
    I”ve always liked “My side of the Mountain”, Pippi Longstocking, The Little People, A wrinkle in Time (the old childrens stories), and romance-historical mostly. I always have loved romance with a bit of meat to it–suspense, thriller and historical. I’m venturing into YA. I never really liked Chick-lit; but I love memoirs and have gone to Grand Central Station for the time capsule opening to read what the New Year’s Eve celebrators wrote in 1900 for the year 2000. I love biographies. I have memoir I am not yet ready to write. Hope to meet you soon. I’m unsure of how to use Twitter and Facebook as they take up a lot of time-and my internet connection is sometimes slow. I’m working on a new project. I need deadlines with only so many pages per period. In otherwords, keep accountable, participate, and send only enough tha each crit partner can write and crit!



    My first novel “Protecting the Source” was action adventure/sci fi. then came quirky “Holly Would, But Stacy Won’t” Now I’m working on a Romantic/action adventure set in Half Moon Bay, CA called “Better Run” almost a year in. I love deadlines and giving/receiving feedback. I consider my self somewhat educated in self publishing.



    I have been writing and illustrating picture books for about three years and have started soliciting agents. I belong to a critique group which meets bi monthly but am looking for other writers of picture books. Most of the great members of my group write YA. I can critique once a week and look forward to hearing from other picture book writers.


    Tiffany Metzger

    I love action adventure novels, and I try to incorporate a bit of it in all my stories. My current WIP is more sci-fi than anything else, but there will be a fair amount of action included!

    I’m looking forward to meeting new writers and seeing their writing styles. Check out my profile for more info about me! 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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