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    Say hi, tell us what you are writing, and what you help you need right now.



    Hi! I’m writing short stories and would like to build up to a novel. I need help getting going more than anything else.



    Hi, I work in various genres, poetry and erotica, but my novel is best described as literary fiction. It’s a very rough first draft and I could just use some input on whether its actually any good, whats working, whats not, that kind of thing, going toward the organization of the thing and help with overall readability. I have a hard time see the forest through the trees sometimes when it comes to that. Does anyone else have that problem when the narrative isn’t sequential in a longer WiP? How do you handle it?



    Dear Two Horses,

    First draft of a non- linear project is always tough. You can’t follow the typical plot outline of get someone up a tree, higher , out on a limb, cut the limb, etc, except maybe symbolically. I find that writing out a very simple outline of what I have makes it clear to me, and I can move things around. After that, the outline is almost no help–I forget what’s in it– but making it is very helpful.
    Sara seznick



    Hi! I’m on the third draft of my novel. My chapters are from different characters’ perspectives and from different times. I’m at the point where I’m sticking chapters together in what I think is the best order for the story. It’s also not linear and while I know that this is right for the story, it’s feeling a little jumpy.



    Hi Everyone:

    From Texas. Have two manuscripts that I’ve written and editing. Several short stories and currently composing a non-linear manuscript that explores a person’s conversion from one religion to another from multiple perspective.

    It would be very helpful for me to have someone look at my manuscript for my novel That Mess of Pottage and All That Comes With It, which explores the cultural tensions of a mixed family in America. I’m willing to proof/critique/edit your work if you’ll do the same for me! 🙂





    Hello all, I’m Maria.

    I am working on my first novel, just got done redoing my prologue and a brand new first chapter. It was to tell and no show before so I knew a hole new chapter was needed and now I have to redo the other three chapters to go with it. my 5th chapter is getting trashed. I have had a publisher ask me to submit my manuscript when I am finished, just after reading my prologue. Its a small publisher but its still cool.
    I honestly have all the help I need, but when people post there problems I love to help. I have two partners, one I also critique for.
    I write a blog about art, writing, painting, and on, its a long list. love art, I’m working on a commissioned painting wright now.

    Thank you,



    Hello, hello!

    My name is Karima and I am about to embark on the final (I hope) draft of my second novel. It is technically under contract to a small publisher located here in Senegal, West Africa, but I haven’t received much help from them in terms of editing so far. I like to read good fiction and fall in love with other people’s work. Got my MFA, but writing in English in a Francophone country can be pretty lonely, so am looking for community…

    I also have 4 kids, so sometimes the biggest challenge to my writing is finding the time, but I manage… Like as of late, flash fiction has kept me writing. Albeit at 4 in the morning, but I am still writing!

    Best to all,

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