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    Introduce Yourself!



    Hi All! I’m a fiction/erotica writer and I also write book reviews. I have a monthly column with Portland Book Review called Words from the Root Cellar. I farm, growing into sustainable agriculture. I like writing erotica because it’s freeing to say what’s on one’s mind and not worry as much about censorship. I have had one story published with Oysters and Chocolate, http://www.oystersandchocolate.com/Stories/2045/Dicks.aspx. I’ve gotten to a point in my writing where the getting and giving of feedback would be really useful, especially from someone besides my mom! πŸ™‚ Very excited about the site and looking forward to meeting everyone. Cheers!



    Hi TwoHorses. Thanks for joining us. I love that you can even share your stuff with your Mom! She must be pretty hip πŸ˜‰
    I worked on a farm for a short while last year. So rewarding, and the food so yummy and fresh. Sounds like a wonderful way to live.



    Hi there! I have been writing for about 7 or 8 years and have recently gotten into the erotica genre. I have written things in the past and have been told by family/friends that it was good but I would really appreciate an unbiased, objective critque reader. Plus – not really wanting to share this kind of writing with the friends and fam. πŸ™‚

    I’m excited to start exploring this site!



    Hello *waves*

    My name is Leslie Lee Sanders and I write erotic romance and short story erotica mostly in the MMF and MM categories. I am published with Xcite Books and Breathless Press. Although I’m published, I find that I would benefit from having a fresh pair of eyes look over my manuscripts.

    I think some of my writing weaknesses include indepth character developing and beliveable dialogue, and I notice I spend most of my time trying to perfect these elements in my writing. I would love to work with a partner who understands the erotic romance genre enough to help me better my drafts before submitting to pubs, and in return I’d do the same. πŸ™‚




    My name is Asrai. I write romance with an open door policy and the occasional erotic short. I’m working on an edit for a romance and writing a short submissive erotic. Looking to share crits anywhere. Feel free to msg. or email me.



    Hello All,

    You can call me Kathryn. I have been making up stories my whole life but I am relatively new to writing them down. I like writing erotic romances in a variety of sub-genres. I write m/m, m/f, and Menage stories.

    Most of the writing I have done in my work is technical writing. My day job is doing Software Quality. So I think my biggest challenges as a writer are with descriptions. I tend to be terse. I have trouble with show don’t tell. I also could use some help with grammar. It is not a strength of mine.

    My strengths as a critique partner are in flow and continuity. I am really good at spotting when a story is not self-consistent or has details that are contradictory. I tend to notice when timelines are impossible (and time travel isn’t involved.) I also have lots of technical knowledge that can help beef up anything in a sci-fi sub-genre. I love reading in a wide variety of genres.

    I already love this site because I have found one Critique Partner through it. She has given me some awesome feedback! I am always happy to connect with others.

    Thanks, Kathryn



    I am a married hard working mom who loves to writes since i learned to do it. I love writing and I find I enjoy writing adult but I am having a hard time finding someone who is able to give me clear advice and can read my work and help be expand in m story wherever needed I can give others clear feedback and can be helpful with description.



    Hello everyone! I am new year. I am published as an erotica author, but I do need a critique partner to keep me honest. I’m in my thirties, fabulously single, have two adorable fur babies, and I’m from Ohio…



    Hi all I’m a women’s fiction and erotica author, hoping to be published soon. I need a critique partner desperately. The part of the world I’m in would frown, frown heavily, on this sort of writing. There’s only one writer’s group here and I seem not to be ‘up to their standards’. I’d love to help someone, as I know how lonely and difficult writing can be.



    Hi. I’m a erotic romance author currently working on a m/m erotic romance novella (the first in a trilogy) I’m looking to have critiqued, with the ultimate goal of publishing.



    Hello everyone. Newbie here. My current WIP is a contemporary, erotic romance, D/s, m/f, and it’s just over 25k. Since I’m a newbie, I’m looking for all kinds of help, but I’ll admit my weakest area is grammar. Looking forward to helping out too of course. As long as your WIP includes some kind of romance (hotter the better, right πŸ™‚ feel free to nudge me.



    Hello, all. My name is ChanQuetta. I am new to all of thisI would like to begin with a short story/novella. I tend to stay in the African American/Multicultural/Romance arena. I do tend to infuse my stories with sexual content. I just don’t know if it is truly erotica.

    I have been writing for myself with a few friends and family reading what I write since I was fourteen. I am now in my thirities. I always dreamed of being published many times over so I am finally taking a step out on the limb.

    I am looking for all the help I can get. I would like to help also. To be honest, with family and friends saying I am good but not believing them, I don’t know where my weakest point is.



    Hello all,
    Well this thread is a little dusty πŸ˜‰ I’m 28, not published but I have two finished manuscripts that are tied together (first one has a cliff hanger ending). The MS’s are erotic romantic suspense. So far I’ve only had friends read but am looking for someone who will be unbiased in reading. I just started submitting pages in a critique group group but you can only submit so maany pages at a time. I’m hoping to find someone here where I can give a ch or a couple chapters at a time. From that group I’ve learned I need to work on getting rid of passive voice and showing more emotion in my characters. If anyone would like to help out I need it desperately. Also I wouldn’t mind helping someone else out, I tend to do line editing and can give advice. Hope to hear from you all soon. πŸ™‚



    Hello Krystalr ~~
    I am up to critiquing a couple of chapters at a time. I agree getting a consistent unbiased set of fresh eyes on your work is best. I have experience proofing, critiquing, and editing everything from hard news to erotic romance.

    Let me know,

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