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    Introduce Yourself!


    Juliana Haygert

    Hi everyone!

    I write older YA (or New Adult for some) paranormal romance and urban fantasy.
    My stories always have romance and hot guys =)

    I’m here to find writers like me, who are looking for feedback and support, and form a nice, tight, friendly group!

    Note: I’ve joined YA and the Sci-fi & Fantasy group. Not sure if I should choose only one …



    I’m also looking for a tightknit group! My last writing group, made up of high school friends, quickly fell apart. I was having trouble finding a new group, so I’m so glad this site exists!

    I write YA Fantasy, which ranges from Sword & Sorcery to Urban to I don’t even know if there’s a term for it.

    Hope to speak to you all soon!

    re multiple groups: I was wondering that too, Juliana. I think I might stick around here more, since the few of us who’ve posted are SF/F leaning.


    Tracy Rohlfing

    Hi Laura & Juliana

    I’m here looking for the exact same things that Juliana listed. Exactly those things.

    Only my husband and a couple of my close friends know I write. I don’t find much use in telling others. Most of my friends don’t even share my passion for reading so, as horrible as it sounds, I wouldn’t really value their opinion on my WIP.

    I’ve tried contacting local writing groups but have had no luck -no one seems to be active. I signed up for a 6 week writers workshop in the hopes of finding some local writers that are close to where I am on the writers path. That starts next week. I’m always looking to improve and practice my writing craft.

    I hope to make close friends here that I can share the path to publishing with.

    Best to everyone!


    Laura Ann Swanson

    Me too. We are new to the area, and none of the writing groups here seem to be what I am looking for. I don’t want a crit Nazi who can’t remember my name, and I also don’t want to just go to bars and complain about how I can’t find the time to write.
    A little bit of both would be nice.



    Ohhhhhhhhh, there are topics. *facepalm*

    Okay, so HI! (again). Very excited about this site 🙂

    I’m Becci. Mom, wife, business analyst, writer, etc. I’m working on my first YA (slightly paranormal, kinda romance) novel. Basically swoony boy meets girl, with a twist 🙂 I’m also plotting my second YA contemporary novel.

    Support is a great thing. I’m actually part of a fantastic critique group now, and it has helped so much! But I think reaching out beyond your circle is important too.

    Looking for… people to talk writing with. People to freak out with. People to laugh with and cry with and jump up and down screaming ‘YOU GOT AN AGENT’ with 🙂

    That’s about it. Looking forward to meeting people here 🙂



    Oh my, I officially use too many smiley faces.



    I’m Jade! Almost college grad from University of Iowa. I am currently writing a YA novel that has some subtle paranormal themes. My characters have decided to start talking to me and haven’t shut up since and I’m so excited to get them down on paper.

    Never really had a critique partner/group before. Have done many writing workshops but nothing too intensive.

    So happy to be meeting such wonderful and talented writers!




    I am ecstatic to find a website like this one! I’ve been writing for a few years and am working on my fourth YA novel. I have some wonderful critique partners and was previously part of a critique group, but I am always ready to expand and meet other writers!

    I am also looking for a partner to work with in the outlining/drafting phase. Someone to bounce ideas off of and cheerlead with. And someone to help keep me on track for deadlines. Kind of like a goal buddy. Let me know if you are interested!

    I am eager to get to know everyone!


    Melissa Hurst

    Hey Heidi! I’d love to have a goal buddy to work with:) My current project is a YA sci fi with time travel.



    @ Heidi and Melissa: count me in! Goal buddies are great.



    Hi everyone!

    This website looks like it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! I have only one critique partner at the moment and even though she is wonderful and a great friend, I do need more feedback from different people. I also just love meeting other writers. 🙂 I hope to find new writer friends who are just as excited and serious about writing as I am and who can be both brutally honest and encouraging.

    I have dabbled in different genres, but I keep coming back to YA. I write fantasy because I love creating my own worlds, but the stories and characters I am interested in always have a contemporary feel to them. I write very character-driven books.

    Very happy to be here! 🙂


    Stefanie Gaither

    Hi Lena! Glad you’re here.

    You sound like me– I’ve tried different genres but I always seem to find myself back at YA’s doorstep. Guess it’s meant to be 🙂 And I love character-driven books, too. I checked out your profile and your wip in progress sounds really interesting! I’m intrigued by the idea of a main character that’s in a wheelchair. Good luck on your rewrites!



    Hi Everyone,

    Glad to meet you all. I’ve always liked YA. Looking for someone who will cheer me on, but give me great feedback on what works or makes you scratch your head.

    I love writing. I am also a member of an online writing group, but would love to meet new writer friends and exchange ideas. Let me know if any of you are interested.


    Denise Beucler

    I’m Denise. I’m a stay at home mom with one little boy (just under a year) and a three year old girl I babysit for 5 days a week. I write more adult themed fantasy/sci fi novels and YA themed urban fantasy novels, currently a superhero one. It was finished, edited a few times and the prose deemed unsalvageable so I am starting again. I am a huge geek especially with all things Whedon. I make music, bake, sew, knit, and a couple other archaic skills.

    So, umm Hi! Nice to meet everyone.

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