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    Introduce Yourself!


    Juliana Haygert

    Hi everyone!

    I write older YA (or New Adult for some) paranormal romance and urban fantasy.
    My stories always have romance and hot guys =)

    I’m here to find writers like me, who are looking for feedback and support, and form a nice, tight, friendly group!


    Jasmine Fahmy

    Hello peoples! I’m Jas and I write… anything that pops into my head. XD I’m waaaaaay too easily distracted by my shiny new ideas, most of which love to pop up during my exams. My protagonists are usually less than stellar people and many of them tend to be arrogant. Smacking down arrogant idiots is fun. =P

    Fantasy is my one true love. I really want to write Epic Fantasy but I just don’t have the attention span that can maintain that sort of sprawling story. Also, it requires subtlety, and right now I’m about as subtle as a sledgehammer. That dream has been placed aside for now, until I’m older and maybe more ready to tackle it. I content myself with writing about alternate realities and faraway Eastern countries in the meantime.


    Barbara G.Tarn

    Hi there, I’m the creative Goddess of Silvery Earth and need help fixing my stories before I upload them on Smashwords and Kindle. It’s adult fantasy, mostly medieval,and certainly original: no quests, no good vs evil battles. Character oriented mostly…



    Hullo! I’m Chi and I write MG and YA sci-fi and fantasy. Umm…that’s all I can think of saying X_x

    -Jas: :O I so agree with you and “smacking down arrogant people” 😛 By the way, I think you *should* try epic fantasy anyway ^_^ It doesn’t have to be a serious project, just try it for fun. Why wait unti you’re older when you can start now? 😛


    Hi all! I’m Miranda, I write mostly urban fantasy, both adult and YA, and have lately been dabbling in contemporary romance. I live in New York City with my two psychotic cats. Ridic excited about the site and hearing from fellow SF/F ladies!



    Hi! I am Elizabeth, and I just joined the site!

    I am really excited there’s a site devoted to finding crit partners. I have three, and we’ve been criting each other for years, but I know I need more.

    I also enjoy critting, because it helps me improve my own writing.

    I’ve wanted to be a writer my entire life, and I’ve been writing seriously for almost six years now. I’ve written four books, and just re-wrote a fifth. I mostly write urban fantasy, but I also dabble in high fantasy as well. If there’s magic, I’m there.

    I live in Atlanta, Georgia, but I am from Upstate New York. Since it’s August, naturally it’s hotter than the surface of the sun right now. 😀



    Hello! My name is Jenny, and I write contemporary fantasy (YA). A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this site and it looks like it’ll be really helpful. I’m working my way through the 4th draft of my novel and am sort of at a point where i’m banging my head. It’s a long and tedious process going through all 115k words;p.

    Nice to meet you all!



    Hello, hello! My name is Landra. I live in the Northwest corner of Arkansas.
    Currently have a completed Contemp. Fantasy that I am editing. Kinda in the same boat as Jenny lol! It’s definitely a bang your head process, coupled with a does of migraine.
    My fantasy is adult based, and I have a sequel planned just haven’t started writing it.
    It’s nice to meet all of you and look forward to getting to know everyone.



    Hi, I’m Vernieda! I’m currently starting a traditional fantasy novel (adult). I like the idea of epic fantasy but it’s not in me to write one, I don’t think. 😉 It’s nice to meet everyone!


    Hermina Vass

    Hello! I’m Hermina. I’ve always been good with words, but only half a year ago did I pile up the courage to create an empty document and fill the blank page. I’m an excessively slow writer. That’s why I don’t have anything finished, just yet.

    My WIP-list includes a few short stories, an urban fantasy novelette and a novel (same genre).


    Sharra S

    Hi all, I’m Sharra. Just finished my undergrad (in Civil Engineering) and went “I like fantasy better!” And since, actually have gotten down more of a book I’ve been thinking about since I was 15.

    I’ve been fantasy before I even understood half of what was going on and love love love dragons. Grammar isn’t my friend though. 🙂



    Hi! I’m Celeste. I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember, but I only got serious about it last year. I’ve been writing non-stop since. I’m hoping to find an agent soon.

    I write urban fantasy with a heavy dose of romance. I also love paranormal romance.

    My WIP is my fifth novel, but the first one I have high hopes for. I’m in the first draft stage with it, about halfway through.

    I’m really looking forward to getting to know some fellow critters!


    Dianna Gunn

    Hello everyone, I’m Dianna. I’m still in high school-a bit behind in high school but catching up fast-and I’ve always wanted to be a writer. My goal is to have a book published by the time I’m 20. I’m particularly interested in small presses and ebook publishers.

    I’m going to start yet another-much smaller than the last several-edit on a novel that is definitely fantasy, and which may or may not be YA. I’m also working on some paranormal fantasy short stories, and preparing to start the first draft of a new YA fantasy. I’m really excited to be here, to make friends and to find a steady critique partner.



    I’m Jaime Callahan, and I’ve just mistyped my name twice! I must be nervous.

    I write (and read) everything fantasy, with an emphasis on secondary-world fantasy.

    I’ve only been serious about writing for about a year, and I still have a lot to learn, but I do want to be published eventually. I’m working on my second novel now. (We don’t talk about the first one!)

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