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    I noticed that the last time a thread was ‘fresh’ was 4 months ago and I thought, man, that’s a really long time haha!

    An intro thread may already be in the Coffee Shop, but since it wasn’t on the first page (and I’m not about to hunt through 9+ pages to find it if I’m not even sure about its existence), I decided to create one.

    I’m new to LWC and I am so excited about this site. What a fantastic idea! I was just thinking to myself that I really love Critters–wonderful crit site, highly recommend–but it’s so HUGE. Plus, it’s all business unless you really connect with someone who enjoyed your work.

    Anyway, after reading through many published authors’ acknowledgment sections that mentioned having some sort of writerly community, I wondered if looking into finding a closer group was such a bad idea. As a writer, I feel very isolated…

    I mean, I want to ‘review and be reviewed’, yes, of course—but I also want to have the freedom and sense of camaraderie to just chat about life as a writer/“would-be” writer. To express thoughts about querying, being rejected (or accepted), working out a new cover concept, or getting stuck in chapter 3 because it’s missing ‘something’.

    So here I am, looking to gain a sense of community and personal connection! (Uh…woot!)

    Some info about me: My current WIP is an 8-book YA sci-fi/fantasy series, I’m 24 (this always seems to shock people online and off :/), my poetry submissions have been rejected loads of times but I won’t give up, and I’m an introvert.

    What’s your story? Looking forward to hearing from you!



    Hey, there.

    I am definitely a youngster of the writing community at 17, but I have always loved reading and writing, and did not want to wait to get started on it. After all, it’s never too early to start building character through the endless rejections in this wonderfully subjective industry. (Does the sarcasm show through text?)

    The bane of my existence is trying to find someone who can give good criticism without robbing my bank account (have you seen college tuition rates lately?) Which is why I was very excited to find this site.

    For the business type things, I write and read YA, mostly (sorry to be so stereotypical, but if I live to be 90 I’ll probably still read YA). Just about any genre is good for me if I like the voice/characters/concept, but I currently write mostly contemporary, or contemporary thriller. (Who knows what the future will hold? I’m hoping ghosts or something.)

    I’d also talk about nearly anything, from current writing issues (like sexism in publishing or YA getting a bad rap, both of which I am very passionate about) to my love of fancy coffee drinks.

    Nice to meet you. Especially since I didn’t even have to leave home to do it.



    Nice to meet you, too! The internet is pretty great :D. I stand by your passion of YA–I don’t like when it gets a bad rap, either. (LAME! >_<)




    I’m new here too and coincidentally also 17 years old. I’ve always had a passion for reading and writing is something I’ve always done and loved.

    I live in New Zealand which is rather isolated, I often joke that we’re on a different planet (it truly feels like it sometimes so it’s not a very good joke), and finding others, especially around my age (the ‘adults’ just laugh at me), that write has been very challenging. And whilst I’ve built up a lovely community (or ‘tribe’ as they’ve been calling them these days) of writers online, I still feel lonely when I’m writing.

    So basically I’m here looking for someone I can chat to (somehow, maybe Skype) about writing in general and bounce ideas off of and so on – and of course I’d do the same for said person.

    Writing wise, I too (this really isn’t helping the stereotype!) mostly write YA, but that’s bound to change in the future. I best work with Fantasy, be it Urban or Epic, Dystopia and Speculative Fiction (one of my favourite novels is Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, so anything along those lines).

    So yeah I’m not sure what else to say and I feel like I’ve rambled long enough, it’s nearing 2am over here. It’s great to ‘meet’ you both/all.




    Being a younger writer is tough. Though really, most people give you about the same response regardless of age if you aren’t published (and I don’t mean self-published. No offense to those who go that route…but there’s a stigmatism about self-pubbing because–I assume–people can write terribly, yet still publish because they’re their own boss).

    Cool that you’re looking for someone to bounce ideas off of–we all need soundboards and fellow brainstormers! I love having writerly chats with other writers (one writer offline in particular).

    I hope you find the right person!! I’ve enjoyed being on at LWC. Found some great partners 🙂 thus far.



    I haven’t been here in a while because of “real life”. However, I’ve been getting back into my writing, a lifelong dream, and I finally decided to test the waters by launching a short story e-book. I plan to use various “pen names” since I will be marketing in different genres. This is just one of them. I really need to get to work on the next phase, but I’ve been caught up in the cloud of having something out there and more people seeing it than ever before. Before this week, only a handful of people had ever read my stuff. It’s a bit inebriating. OK, sure, we’re talking about 30 people versus 5, but still… I’m all about relativity. Anyway, I write everything from children’s stories to horror, whatever catches my mood at the time. Working on more projects now. Cheers!



    I’m 28, unpublished, and looking for that special some or someones to critique with. I write erotic romantic suspense, a little diff from what the rest have posted on this thread. I’ve been on here a little over a week and haven’t found anyone just yet, I’m hoping that will change soon. My writing tends to be a little on the darker side and emphasis on BDSM.

    I enjoy talking about the business side of publishing as I’m still learning the ins and outs of getting published. Hope to talk to you all real soon. 🙂



    Hi there I’m Toi.

    Just thought I say hi. I’m not really a shy person, but it does take me a while to get comfortable in new places, even online. I hope to connect with many of you down the road.



    Hi I’m Tracey,

    Just joined the group today and I’m so excited. I wish we had something like this when I was 17… but then again we didn’t have the internet back then either (Yes…. I’m that old). Like many of you I’m an avid reader of anything and everything but my favorite is romantic suspense. It’s probably terrible for me to say but I like a dashing hero to come and save the day (of the strong independent woman who could have handeled the situation given time 😉 I’ve also been writing for as long as I remember – my probalem is I typically get about 150 pages in and either don’t like my work or spend so much time re-writing that I eventually give up because I can’t get it perfect. I’m hoping this site will help keep me focused and on task to the completion of at least one full length book.



    Hi. I’m on this site sporadically which also describes my writing. Sometimes I let life, work, family, laziness get in my way. But I have several short stories that I would like critiqued. I have been published but not in a few years. I would like to read your writing Krystair — I’m trying to darken my writing also and wouldn’t mind a young (or older) opinion. Thanks.



    Welcome, welcome! I haven’t been on lwc for like…7 months. (Hence the uh, not greeting back. Sorry :/.)

    Most of you aren’t new to lwc, but I have to say, I’m 110% ultra satisfied with the site and I absolutely LOVE my crit partners. They’re all fabulous (like that male cat wearing the sunglasses [But these are for girls…*disbelief*]. If you haven’t seen this…you need to. It’s hilarious), and have been immensely supportive and helpful across the board.




    I’m new & very excited to be here.

    I am an avid reader & writer. My background: I’m a Midwestern farm girl. I worked in customer service for a state agency for 17 years. I am a professional K9 trainer. These things paid the bills while I worked on my skills as a writer. I write two non-fiction subjects: dogs & horsemanship. But I favor romantic mysteries, romantic suspense & cozy mysteries. I love to write them & read them. I also like to laugh so works that combine these elements plus provide a few smiles or laughs are right down my alley!

    I am hoping to find some CPs. I currently have a cozy that is complete & been through one critique but I need more eyes. I’m a serious writer who is dedicated to improving my way into publication. I would love to provide the same help for others that I’m asking for. I look forward to finding my special CP(s) & hope I can be that for others.




    I’m so happy to have found this site!

    I’m an avid reader of pretty much anything except real life stuff. I started writing when I was twelve, though there wasn’t internet back then, which made it even more difficult trying to find editors, publishers and critique partners. Which is why I never did. I just wrote for myself, because I liked putting characters on paper.

    The past four years there has been a lot of change for me, from moving from Alabama to the Netherlands to being married. Learning a new language and having a huge amount of time to focus on my writing.

    I’m in need of some critique partners to read a series I’ve started and help me with my query letters. I’m also wanting to help others with their work. My grammar isn’t as strong as it should be, since I’ve been immersing myself in Dutch, but I’m very good at helping with plotting, loose ends, and making sure the story flow is there and stable. And I love brainstorming ideas.



    Hello. 🙂 I would be happy to help you out with query letters; I just started writing mine as well. My novel is about 110,000 words and it is an Arthurian tale. If you are interested in working together, send me a private message. 🙂



    ^^ I live in the Netherlands too


    I’m new :). I’m happy I googled “critique partners” and found this site. I’ve loved reading since I could read, starting with fairytales, hopping over to chicklits, and now kind of every genre. Though, fantasy is my favorite. As for writing, I started writing poetry when I was a kid, and have been working on my current story for a little over a year.

    The story I’m writing is English, which is not my native tongue, so needless to say, I’m a little anxious :(. I’ve critiqued quite a few stories, and I’m hoping to find more people I can help and who can help me. And of course, I’d love to make friends :)!

    What’s more, errh.. I have a small dog, a shih tzu named Daisy. I intended on changing that name, because a dog named Daisy is really cliche, but when I did people just kept calling her Daisy so I left it with that. I’m a psychology major. Erhh.. I love rock music, except when I’m in a car, then I love techno :). What else… My favorite color is grey, favorite food is paella, yeah.. I don’t think you care that much 🙂

    Anyway, hi !

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