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    I’m finishing up a MS now that is a dark-ish YA murder mystery/thriller set on Mars (although it can’t technically be billed as sci fi). I just lost a crit partner to a busy life, so I’m looking for someone new.

    What I’m looking for: a CP who also writes dark fiction of some sort and has some experience critiquing. Comfortable offering feedback across the board, from meta-level issues to more nitpicky line edits. Not grossed out by blood.

    About me: I’m a freelance editor, able to offer developmental editing, line editing, etc. I read a lot of everything, both adult and YA, although I’m not a fan of romance, paranormal romance, hard scifi, or fantasy.

    If you’re interested in exchanging first chapters to see if we’re a match (or if you want to know more about the MS before we exchange), let me know!



    Hi Nicole,

    If you’re still looking for a CP, I would love to exchange first chapters to see if we match. My current WIP isn’t dark, but I have a lot of editing experience. We’re both looking for weekly feedback and deep critiques.

    My WIP is a YA, sci-fi novel about a clone who discovers a body and a name. The body is the most recent victim in the anti-clone violence sweeping the country, and the name belongs to the man who created him.

    Let me know if you want to swap chapters.



    Argh! So sorry it took me forever to get back to you. I’m not a huge hard scifi fan, so I probably wouldn’t be particularly useful to you on the MS. Best of luck finding a CP!!



    Hi Nicole,

    Are you still looking? I have never critiqued anyone else’s work before, but I’ve done major revisions and re-hauls on my own. 🙂 And I’m into dark, bloody stuff!

    I’m looking for a CP to trade with. Mine is a 74K historical thriller. Here’s the summary:

    “It’s 1919, and within the tented city of the Marvelle Circus, star aerialist, Laila Vilonia, has just survived a brutal attack delivered by men hired by the rival Benelli Brothers show.

    Seventeen-year-old Laila thinks that if her attackers are dead, she can forget what happened to her. So she persuades the sideshow’s notorious headlining act (twin brothers, “The Disappearing Man”) to help her kill them.

    In exchange for the twins’ help, Laila aids in the massacre of the Benelli Brothers Circus. And not just for the twins’ sake—Marvelle will soon be sold to Benelli. Laila must play the twins’ twisted game in order to keep her home from falling into the filthy, bloodstained hands of her enemies.

    From the greatest show on earth to the cozy little inn where they board for the winter, through sawdust, spotlights, and sweetshops, Laila manipulates her close friends into helping prevent the sale—an endeavor she hasn’t been entirely honest about.”

    Let me know whether or not you’d be interested in trading the first couple chapters!




    Hi There!

    I’m interested if you’re still looking!

    I write dark YA (thrillers / horrors) and am dabbling in MG at the moment.

    The MS I’m interested in swapping is a YA thriller about a gender-swaped Dexterish character in high school who develops a taste for murder. Throw in a death-obsessed LI, a stalkery serial killer, and a case of Haphephobia and you have my MS 🙂

    I don’t read much sci-fi but you have me hooked with murder mystery set on Mars!

    Let me know if you still need eyes 🙂

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