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    I really liked the concept of this group, but it is so quiet, I can hear a pin drop. Literally.

    I see responses from over a month ago. Is it because everyone is writing in NaNo, or is it because people have moved on?



    …Yup, it’s probably NaNo.



    I like the concept, too. I thought this would be a good chance for me to open up to other writer’s and break out of my shell. Not looking for a critique right now, neither looking to critique. I need to test the waters and just get to know other writers before I commit. I enjoy reading the comments and participating in the topics. You’ll probably recognize me, I was the young girl who sat at the edge of the water dipping her toe into the water to see if it was cold, then my ankle, then my knee, you get picture! But once I’m in I can’t get out!

    What’s NaNo?


    Sharra S

    Might be a bit of both.

    Personally I’ve been trying to get more of my work written to get to a point where I can say, does anyone want to look at this? And therefore avoiding conversations where I’ll have to say again… nope not done yet.

    Here is NaNo website:



    Hi ladies!
    Nanowrimo is definitely taking up a lot of people’s time this month, but even though the forums are quieter don’t forget that they are only a small part of the site. You can search for a critique partner anytime by looking through the member listings and performing a search (or looking for members in your genre and private messaging them). We are also building a chat function into the site so you can talk in real time, hopefully that will liven things up 🙂

    writing love! xo



    I checked out the Nano website, thanks.



    I could run through screaming and foaming at the mouth. I’m sure the nice men in white coats will make plenty of noise as they try to catch me. Or while they’re dodging the acorns I throw at them from the safety of a tree while under the mistaken belief that I’m a squirrel. All because this story is driving me nuts!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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