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Leading Men Top Ten Favorite Traits

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    1. Men who growl turn me on!
    2. Scruffy faces
    3. Tattoos
    4. Scars
    5. 6′ and up
    6. MEN WHO GROWL (this deserved two spots on my list)
    7. Loyal
    8. Protective
    9. Strong hands
    10. Dark eyes

    Your turn. What makes you drool?


    Hermina Vass

    It’s maybe a little bit of a cliché, but I like men who despite not showing affection and being grumpy all the time are caring under the surface. 😛 Scars do the trick as well! 🙂



    I like a tough exterior with a tender gooey center. LOL Yummy

    And… tall. (A must)



    Hmm, does it make me weird that I love a man with graying hair and sometimes bald on purpose, like he shaved his head because hair’s an annoyance? He’s always gotta be tall, 6′ and up, crinkles around the eyes with some scruff. Strong hands. Doesn’t always have to have tattoos but can, those are hot. Strong intelligence, brave. Eye color depends on his inner soul for me, blue for mischievous or playful, dark chocolate brown for a deeper, shadowy soul. And what is most sexy is a man who’s willing to sacrifice himself or his desires for the betterment of the woman he loves.



    After editing two different WiPs (one finished, one unfinished), I have decided that these are my favorite qualities in my leading men:

    1. Tall. (No explanation necessary. )
    2. Grew up in a loving but quirky family. (Weirdly enough, all of my MMCs have lost their fathers at one point or another. I should fix that once I start writing Novel #3.)
    3. Geeky/ nerdy.
    4. Great sense of humor.
    5. Loves food… but very particular about his coffee.
    6. Well-respected by his peers.
    7. Gentlemanly for the most part, but can be a very, very bad boy if he really wants to be one.
    8. Has a kind heart, either way.
    9. Stands by his woman.
    10. Above all, no matter how many times he gets knocked down – and yes, he always get knocked down – he always comes through in the very end, and be a better person for doing so.


    – Wears T-shirts and pants well, especially over flannel button-downs
    – Sounds terrible when doing karaoke
    – Skin must be sensitive enough to get hickeys easily (LOL)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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