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Learning New Words

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    Want to learn new words? Or are you the vocabulary queen? Share your favorite ‘big’ word with other members and let’s see if we can’t all learn something new!



    1. Gregarious

    Sociable: Seeking and enjoying the company of others.

    Example: My brother is quite timid, but my sister is gregarious.



    2. Esoteric: –adjective

    Understood by only the select few who have special knowledge or interest.

    Example: The writers at the conference used lots of esoteric references in their discussion.


    Jean Lauzier

    I LOVE playing with words!!!

    1. Defenestrate – to throw somebody or something out of a window.

    I really want to defenestrate my puter sometimes but need it too much.

    2. Borborygmus – stomach rumble, noise stomach makes at times

    I hate it when my borborygmus can be heard by everyone in the room.

    3. Embrangle – to perplex or confuse someone

    Some folks are easy to embrangle. 🙂


    Cathy Franklin

    LOL – to Jean! That’s funny!

    macaronic – Mixing words from different languages, especially Latin with venacular.

    Purview – Scope or range of operations.



    Some of my favorite big words:

    Xenoglossy—speaking or listening to a foreign language one doesn’t know with fluency while in one’s normal state, such as dreaming in fluent German or talking in fluent French during a past life regression.

    Xanthochroid—yellow or blonde, from the Greek name Xanthe, which literally means “blonde.”

    Juxtaposition—two glaringly different things placed side by side.



    I heard this word for the first time years ago and it stuck in my mind.

    an adjective meaning disfigured or messed up physically
    “chuck that morphadite piece of wood over in that pile”

    I’m not sure where it would fit in my writing, but it is good to have a list of words you might use someday. Better too many than not enough. I love learning new words.



    My favorite word–it’s common, but a lot of people I know don’t know what it means:

    Misnomer: a term which suggests an interpretation that is known to be untrue.

    Also, this one never fails to make me laugh:
    aeolist: a pompous, windy bore who pretends to have inspiration.

    It’s so dang specific, it’s hilarious hahaha!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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