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    Hello all!! I am working on my MG which will be complete at around 60k however I would love to trade it with someone else for feedback. How I tend to CP is by trading chapters..usually one at a time…giving detailed edits through Word’s track changes and comments. I would appreciate a CP with tough love.

    Let me know if you’re interested!

    Info about the book:
    Twelve year-old Simon Torrent has run away from home for the last time. Promise. No more bullies. No more dad. Life will be simple. At least, that’s until he finds a necklace and teleports halfway around the world.

    In the heart of Scotland’s Galloway Forest resides the secret city of Dundras, where people value the preservation of mythological creatures above all else. Within its borders exists everything from blue bulbos beetles to pesky spotted hornknuckles. Or are they horntruffles? Simon isn’t the best with names. Still, when the wondrous foliage and wildlife aren’t trying to kill him, Simon loves nothing more than exploring the strange yet whimsical city.

    But, there’s been a kidnapping.

    Dundras’ librarian was last seen late at work, playing with her precious necklace — the one Simon used to teleport. To make matters worse, some new creatures have moved into the forest, too — dark, evil creatures. It’s not his fault they arrived when he did. With all attention focused on his not-so-coincidental appearance, Simon has no choice but to prove his innocence. If he can’t clear his name before something else goes wrong, he could spend the rest of his days rotting in a jail for crimes he didn’t commit.

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