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    Hi everyone! As the topic title suggests, I am looking for a long-term CP for the YA sci-fi book I’m working on. I’m still in the middle of writing it, and I’d like to have someone to bounce ideas off of and who would be willing to read at least some parts of the manuscript. I’m hoping for something a bit on the casual side, not necessarily super detailed critique. But I’d love to have someone to just be able to talk to about writing, and who would give me some general/honest opinions when needed. And of course, I’d be happy to provide criticism/advice/support in return.

    Here’s a brief description:

    A disease called the Spinal Plague has spread throughout the United States. To make matters worse, a supposed cure for the sickness had unexpected side effects that turned people into monsters. While the healthy people live in safe areas, the diseased are given two choices––be euthanized, or sent out into the ruined cities to kill the zombie-like creatures that now infest them.

    Nina, a sixteen-year-old plague victim, chooses to become a hunter. Upon arriving in the city, she soon meets twenty-year-old Juliet. The two girls are complete opposites, but in the short time they have left of their lives––before the disease consumes them––they must learn to work together and trust each other in order to fight against the monsters.

    … So if anyone is interested, feel free to post here or to message me. Thanks! 🙂

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