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    Thanks for reading. I’m currently working on a 55,000 word book for Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense and looking for a critique partner(s). I have published one book with Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense but been stuck in a rut of not being able to finish book two for a couple years now. I am hoping finding someone to exchange pages/brainstorm with will help me over this hump and give me the push to get writing again. I wouldn’t necessarily be looking for a published only partner, but I would prefer someone who meets all or most of the following:

    1) reads or has read Love Inspired or Christian suspense (and enjoys it) Or at least is familiar with the sorts of books Harlequin publishes. Understanding the different expectations of what they are looking for in a Christian book would be very helpful though.
    2) has been writing and pursuing publication for at least a few years. (I have been writing off and on for over 20 years – it was over 15 years before I sold my first book)
    3) is close to my age range (53) so there’s the possibility to form a writing friendship. I know this could happen with a younger person too, but it would be nice to be able to occasionally chat about some of the same life issues and experience.

    I would love someone to swap pages with on a very regular basis (maybe a couple times a week) to get myself motivated and in the groove again and hopefully that would be something that would be helpful to someone else as well. I would also hope that person would be available for occasional brainstorming and talking through plot problems. My perfect critique partner would be someone I got along well with and could also form a writing friendship.

    My critique style is more of a read through for pacing and plot with a few grammatical corrections when spotted. That would be the sort of critique I’d be looking for in exchange. I don’t need an in depth correction of every possible comma out of place, but more of a read for if it’s flowing and interesting and mostly makes sense.

    I would be more comfortable reading the same style of writing, but I like most kinds of Christian or sweet romance. I don’t mind a little spice, but I’m more comfortable books targetting Harlequin. (or at least that basic style) I am not comfortable with Historical, YA, erotic or non-fiction.

    I’ve been writing without a partner for several years now and feel like I’m missing out. I have writing friends, but I’m hoping I can form a connection that will motivate and keep us both writing. With that in mind – I really want to find someone who is a good fit. Finding that is important. If we don’t mesh well, it becomes more of a hassle and will probably not help either of us, so I need someone who understands it may not feel right and won’t have hard feelings. If you’re interested, contact me and we’ll go from there. Thanks!



    Hi tammj,
    I’m brand new to the group and just created my profile.
    I’ve read several of the Harlequin Christian Romance books, so am familiar with the writing style.
    Currently, I’m working on a MG fiction with a female protagonist that’s approx. 24,000 words.
    I also write devotional material. Currently I have no published pieces.
    I’m looking for a critique partner myself who I can share with at least once or twice a week.
    I’m not familiar with this site so will need to get comfortable with it as well.
    I’m 59 years old, married to a retired army officer and live in the Midwest. No children of my own. Three grandchildren with my third husband.
    Let me know if you’d like to see if we’d be a good mesh together!
    Happy Writing,


    Kim Grist

    Hi Tammy
    I started reading Harlequin romance years ago with my grandmother. That sounds strange doesn’t it? I enjoy reading to unwind and especially enjoy the Harlequin Love inspired books.

    I am 58 years of age and married my high school sweetheart who was a high school teacher and coach until he turned 40 at which time he felt called to be a pastor. It was somewhat of a culture shock to say the least I would love to help keep you on track with your new book
    I just finished my very first story which is about 55,000 words but I say finished perhaps I should say the guts are there It needs some tweaking. I hope we can help each other?

    Even though this is my first attempt it has been a dream to write. Inspired by so many things that life has to offer some of which are more profound than others especially as it relates to my three adult sons one of which was born with Down Syndrome and the other who has pancreatic cancer and recently the death of my youngest brother who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Suffering is of course is my least favorite thing, and I believe that everyone can attest that sometimes life just stinks. My objective is not to discuss my struggles in my books specifically but to combine a love of history with biblical principles to produce a historical Christian based story that shows how God uses adversity. Because the work is fiction it is especially gratifying to note that there will be a happy ending.

    I believe my target audience would be primarily a Christian female from young adult to senior citizen who is interested in reading as a retreat not to be bogged down by life’s trials but to be lifted up.
    Because it is a clean read and not considered “preachy” as one of my friends who would not be considered conservative told me, it could cross over to someone who enjoys a traditional historical fiction with a hint of romance.
    I hope we can be of help to each other




    Tammy, are you still open to a critique partner. I write Christian romantic suspense and have eight books published, some with Pelican and a few with Wing Publications. I’m also close to your age and cut my teeth Harlequin. LOL. If you want, email me at books4grace@gmail.com. Thanks, Mary L. Ball

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