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Looking for a CP for on going crime Romance

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    Hey Everyone!
    I’m looking for a CP. for my Current WIP but am also willing for long-term/ multiple swaps.
    For now, the WIP I’m working on had undergone three significant rewrites, and I’m worried I’m making it worse rather than better and think I need a fresh set of eyes on it. i’m looking for someone to help me flush out issues and all the usual stuff. i’m a seasoned CP and have CP’d a number of times before and enjoy it, so I’m intrested in a swap situation. Atm, it’s not finished, because as mentioned I’m doing a full rewrite but I’m still willing to do a complete swap with someone else.

    I don’t have an official query yet, but this is what I’m working on.

    Scarlett Wolfe couldn’t help but think that if someone had told her this afternoon, as she stood in front of her mirror holding up dress after dress, that later that evening she’d find herself tied up, in a warehouse, held for ransom by members of the Irish Mafia. She would have definitely stayed in and binge-watched Netflix.

    First dates are always awkward, blind dates even more so, so when Scarlett Wolfe’s mother set her up with Raiden Knight, a ‘handsome business’ man that frequents their family bakery, she’d expected a less than stellar night. She’d imaged a stuffy, middle-aged office worker, in cheap suits, who excelled at the art of small talk. What she didn’t expect was for her date to be a dangerously sexy, internationally wanted, Yakuza crime boss, whose shoes looked to be worth more than her car! She’d also never imagined that by the end of the night that she’d be his.

    When Raiden’s enemies mistake her for his new woman and kidnap her to get to him, Scarlett ends up indebted to her dark and unpleasant blind date. Caught up in the dangerous world, of London’s underground. Scarlett helps Raiden weed out the rats in his organisation as payment for her life. But when it comes downs to ‘ family’ business, Raiden might just be worse than anything she has to face in her new life.

    Beauty and the Boss is a twisted, modern-day take on the classic Disney fairy tale.

    It’s a Romance, supposed initially to be YA, but I think the themes are more adult, so I’ll go with that for now.

    Just comment here, or better yet shoot me a PM and we can exchange emails and see if we fit.

    Shan 😀



    Shan, I’m a self-published author of romantic suspense and paranormal romantic suspense. I’m currently half finished with my current WIP, Blind Faith.
    Award-winning journalist turned small town reporter, Henry Kiel is a recovering addict and excited to be working again on something worth a byline— two, bizarre, ritual killings in the county—especially when all evidence lead to an evangelistic minister, so charismatic, his parishioners would follow him to the bowels of hell if asked to do so.
    Blake Allen believes in a higher power and finds herself drawn into a religious sect led by someone almost too handsome to be a man of faith. But looks can be deceiving, and she finds herself questioning what’s going on behind those church doors when they’re not open.

    Looking for someone who can go chapter by chapter with me and brainstorm when needed. you can e-mail me at jdnovelist@hotmail.com


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