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    I’ll show you mine if you show me yours 😉 I have a completed and self edited African American Women’s fiction novel that I am looking for an honest read and critique from a writer’s point of view. I’ve had several avid readers check it out and they enjoy it, but I want it to be all that it can be.

    Grand overview:

    Title: Brunch at Ruby’s
    Length- 150K words
    Genre- Women’s Fiction, African American Fiction
    Debra Macklin, Maxine Donovan and Renee Gladwell have been best friends since they were eight years old. They grew up together, mere houses apart in quaint Decatur, Georgia and spent their formative years at the counters of Ruby’s Soul Food Cafe. After years of separation, Renee moves to Georgia to care for her ailing father; thus begins the new tradition of monthly brunches at Ruby’s, where the three do what girlfriends do- eat, drink, and offer unsolicited advice.

    Brunch at Ruby’s opens the day after Debra admits to her husband of fourteen years, Willard, that she has been having an affair; an admission that comes only after she and David Loren, a member of her staff at Morningside Middle School, where she happens to be the Principal, were caught in a compromising position. The resulting scandal could destroy not only her family and her marriage, but her career. Debra fears telling her friends about her affair, because they see her as the one that Has It All- successful career, long marriage, healthy, happy child and when they need advice, Debra is the one they turn to.

    Maxine Donovan grew up in in the worst house on one of the most run-down streets in Decatur, but you’d never know it by looking at her now. She is the epitome of the self made woman, caught in the allure of luxury and the elite. She owns a high end real estate firm, selling homes to Atlanta’s upper crust. She has a condo in Buckhead, drives a Maserati, and her closet overflows with designer fashions. Maxine is on a constant quest for the perfect man and when she meets handsome Malcolm Brooks, part owner of a successful Atlanta Security firm, she’s confident that she’s met her match. Much to her surprise, Malcolm is immune to the usual Maxine charm, but she’s not one to give up on a man without a fight… even if he’s got his eye on one of her friends.

    Renee Gladwell left a lucrative job as a pharmaceutical marketing analyst and a handsome boyfriend back in Philadelphia to return to Atlanta to care for her father. Bernard Gladwell suffers from Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Renee’s original intention was to sweep into town, put her father in a home, sell the house and Gladwell Books, a bookstore that her mother owned until her death four years prior. Bernard’s decline is slow, however. He’s not sick enough for Renee to, in good conscience, put him in a home. The bookstore is limping and in no shape to sell. Renee is stuck in Atlanta caring for a man who is slowly forgetting his past—including her– and nursing a small neighborhood bookstore back to health.

    Brunch at Ruby’s is a deep and gritty, real life look at the lives of three ordinary women trying to have it all, who realize they don’t have much of anything without each other.

    I’d like to send Ruby’s to an editor and on to an agent after the Critique process so I am looking for someone ready to read and respond and, if you have a comparable manuscript ready for critique I would consider doing an exchange.

    I read a lot of fanfiction so I am used to romance, erotic romance, I also like thrillers, mysteries and literary fiction. I do not read paranormal, books for young adults or children or fantasy.



    I would be happy to do an exchange with you. If you are interested in doing so,I have writing a novel myself but have not had many people read it I have 5 chapter typed up already to go. It is more urban fiction based. The title is: There are Enemies Amoung US. if you are intrested please let me know.

    Thx Jess

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